Apr 2, 2011

NARS blushes revisited! #12 - Zen.

this series is just for better pics&swatches. my opinion about the blushes stays the same, take a look at older posts.

NARS blushes contain 4.5 - 4.8g each for the powder blushes, and 5.5g each for the cream blushes.
they cost 29€/19.50£/26$.

Zen is a matte medium gold brown. initially i bought it to use as a contour shade, but i find it a little bit too yellow-toned to be a contour-only shade, it is more a contour-bronzer-hybrid. it's rather pigmented so i need a light hand with this, but it applies evenly and creates a warm shadow to sculpt your cheekbones. i think it's most suitable for about NC25/NC30 skin. i haven't used it as a blush, though, but i think it's like a bronzer effect. most times i apply it with a big tapered brush like the MAC 138 or Hakuhodo S103.

this is how it looks applied, together with NARS Angelika on the cheeks.

compared with other matte brown blushes: Zen is much warmer than NYX Taupe and less red than MAC Harmony.
NARS Zen - NYX Taupe - MAC Harmony
NYX Taupe - MAC Harmony - NARS Zen

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  1. This really suits you, looks lovely and I love the blush colour! x


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