Apr 15, 2011

Paula Dorf brushes.

i heard about the brushes by Paula Dorf from Lisa Eldridge for the first time, she recommended some in her favourite brushes video. i found some models for a discounted prices on ebay, i think this line was discontinued at some stores and rests were sold to wholesellers.
after some research on the internet, i was convinced that i had to get them at that "bargain" price ;)
initially i was on the hunt for the Paula Dorf Sheer Crease Brush and the pencil type brush, but i couldn't find them, so i bought these 4 brushes:
  • Powder Brush
  • Bronzing Fan Brush
  • Eye Blender Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush
they all are very sturdy and well made with a silver wooden handle that lays nicely in your hand and a black metal ferrule. first opened, they have a rather strong animal scent but this fades after 1-2 washes (for washing tips, look here).

Paula Dorf Powder Brush

i paid about 30$ for this, it's a classic paddle type powder brush of a medium size. it's made with squirrel hair, i think, because it's just as soft as my Rouge Bunny Rouge or MakeUpShow or Trish McEvoy squirrel hair brushes (much softer than MAC/Sigma & co.). it still has some structure and volume to the bristles and feels fluffy and has a good bounce. it's very tender to your skin because it's made with natural ending hairs that wasn't cut. it washes very nice, although bled a little bit of greyish dye in the first wash. it didn't shed at all (and also doesn't) and kept the shape.
i like it to dust a fine veil of powder to set my foundation and to apply bronzer.

Paula Dorf Powder Brush - MAC 134

Paula Dorf Bronzing Fan Brush

i needed a fan brush and was about to get the huge and thick Louise Young one. i bought this here to try a thinner one to put on pigmented blushes, or highlighter or just to sweep away loose powder or eyeshadow fall outs on the cheeks.
i paid 14$ for this. it's made of goat hair and is not as soft as the other brushes. i still need to get the Louise Young brush.

Paula Dorf Powder Brush - Paula Dorf Bronzing Fan Brush (size comparison)

Paula Dorf Eye Blender Brush

this is a really big fluffy eye brush. it's like a MAC 227 with longer bristles. i bought it for 15$. it's made of very soft hair (i don't know if squirrel or goat) but has a good bounce to it. it's size and fluffiness makes it unusable for eyeshadow application for my small lids, i use it for general blending out or cheek highlight. if you do nose contouring, i think this brush would be perfect for it.

Hakuhodo Kobutan Eyeshadow Brush L - Paula Dorf Eye Blending Brush - MAC 227 - Rouge Bunny Rouge Large Shader #3

Paula Dorf Eye Shadow Brush

this is a fluffy MAC 217-type shaped brush (only this is a bit more flat at the top), i didn't expect it to have such a shape, because i couldn't really see it in the ebay-photo. it cost me 14$ and is made of very soft natural hair (again, no idea if squirrel or goat). it has a nice pressure point. so just like the MAC 217, this is a multipurpose brush. i use it to blend, to apply crease colour, lid colour, brow bone highlight and cream eyeshadow.

MAC 217 - Paula Dorf Eye Shadow Brush - Estée Lauder Blender #25


  1. Lovely review. As you know I'm quite interested in these brushes. Did you get them from one seller on ebay? I think I'm most taken with the powder brush. As an aside, I'm amazed at the size of the Hakuhodo brush. I think I need to investigate more of your brushes posts!

  2. I think the brushes are a little bit expensive.
    But when they still look good after washing them. Maybe the quality is it worth.

  3. @modestybrown: yes, i think it was jimblob... something. it's a wholeseller. shipping was ok and the shipping fees are very low. i paid 5.50$ for the combined shipping. and the weak $ comes in very handy, too ;)

    @valerie: i find they are really worth it! you get much better quality for your money than with mac brushes, especially with the face brushes.

  4. I love these brushes. I bought a set pre marriage and pre kids, so yes, I agree that they are pricey. BUT, I have had my set for 10+ years and my foundation brush has just started to fray. None of the brushes have lost any hairs. These brushes are extremely well made and well worth the investment.

    1. i absolutely adore my PD Powder Brush - it's amazing! i do think these have amazing quality, i love the eye glimmer brush and tapered crease brush as well. i totally want to get the blush brush, but i have so many that this is for now only planned for the future. it's good to hear that they have lasted you so long! quite well worth it.


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