Apr 13, 2011

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Make Up (vs. Origins VitaZing)

as i am testing the Origins VitaZing these days, i also bought this L'Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Make Up when i stumbled across it newly released at a drugstore to compare and to try (i'm a bit "on" such products right now ;)). it works the same way like Origins VitaZing (and Estée Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Release), a white cream with pigment granules that melt when rubbed out and release a tint. the L'Oreal Universal Make Up promotes itself "with auto-adjustable pigments" (which i don't find so - they only want to suggest to you that the product would adapt to your skin tone when it turns from white into foundation-shade. but in fact it doesn't "adjust" individually at all). it claims to even out your skin tone with an "Ultra Natural" finish.
it's not sold as a tinted moisturiser (although it claims to moisturise 24h long) but a foundation. there are only 2 shades: one for medium skin tones and one for fair skin tones (which i bought). it costs 17.95€ and contains 34ml. it has an spf of 12.
it comes in a sleek tube with a nice squeeze tip. the consistency is creamy, it has a lot more brown granules than the Origins one has. the smell is very plasticy, like rubber.
it blends out to a nice light shade first and feels light and fresh on the skin. it dries quickly to a satin finish with a natural, dry sheen. but only few minutes later, it darkens on me to a very orange, very obvious and dark colour. it would place it around a very peachy NC30 in MAC.
unfortunately my camera doesn't really capture it's orange-ness.
it has a higher coverage than the Origins VitaZing and feels lighter on the skin (less nourishing).
i could bear a darker shade (i could wait 'til summer to use), but not an orange one. so i definitely prefer the Origins even though it's double the price (but also contains more product). big part because of the smell, i can't stand it and it reflects the ingredient list: typically L'Oreal. it can't ever compare to an Origins product ingredient-wise.
i can't say much about the staying power because i removed it soon after taking the photos. i can't leave the house with an orange head. i look sunburnt with it, not sunkissed.

L'Oreal Universal Make Up freshly blended out
after 10 minutes - in real it is darker and more orange.
only with L'Oreal Universal Make Up - in real much more orange :(
with L'Oreal Universal Make Up and powder (MAC MSFN in Medium)

no recommendation for this product at all. i will bring it back. it could match you if you use an orange self tanner. or you go to the  solarium and get an orange tan. but it doesn't look natural at all.
or if you are nc30 and above, it could blend out naturally. but then you have to like this rubber-scent.


  1. Ich weiß schon warum ich nie Loreal kaufe ;-)
    Obwohl mich dieser neue Foundationstick arg anspricht...


  2. Ah sehr interessant. Ich habe es mir heute auch näher angesehen und überlege, es zu kaufen. Aber wenn es so orange nachdunkelt, kann ich gar nichts damit anfangen. Da ich es nur auf dem Handrücken getestet habe, konnte ich den effekt nicht so sehen. Hat sich das MU bei dir auch schon da in Orange umgewandelt?

  3. @greenwithpurple: ich bin auch immer enttäuscht von gesichtsprodukten von l'oreal. die eyeshadows und mascaras sind noch ok, aber wie alles andere von der marke, überteuert.

    @beautyjagd: auf dem handrücken komischerweise weniger, auf dem arm dagegen sehr stark. auf dem gesicht dunkelt es mittelmäßig nach, aber ziemlich orange.


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