Apr 29, 2011

foundation overview #10: Hourglass Veil

today i want to review my latest foundation acquisition. i ordered the Hourglass Veil Liquid Makeup from Ludwig Beck Munich (Hautnah in den 5 Höfen), i heard so much good stuff about it and was really in the mood for Hourglass & for foundation ;)
it contains 30ml and costs 49€ in germany, on zuneta.com (uk) it would cost something above 50€. the sales associate was very kind and packed a lot of great samples (md skincare & stri-vectin) for me because i didn't find something else in their range to order to get above 50€ for free delivery and had to pay the extra 4.50€ shipping cost.
it's oil free and has a spf of 15. for some of you it may be of note that this foundation is vegan.
this is what the official site claims about it:

"Like silk on your skin, Veil Fluid Makeup with SPF 15 provides superb, long lasting coverage for a luminous complexion.
  • formulated with Matrixyl® to stimulate the production of collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Skin Tightener ST™improves skin's texture and promotes younger looking skin
  • oil-, fragrance-, paraben-, sufate-, phthalate-free and VEGAN.
  • water resistant "

unfortunately the pump of the foundation bottle has screwed open a bit during transportation and some product leaked out. but since it wasn't that much and shouldn't have harmed the foundation, i didn't do anything about it.
the packaging is of high quality as always with Hourglass. it's a dark brown glass bottle (not completely opaque, you will be able to see how much product is left if you hold it against the light) with a precise glossy dark bronze pump and cap.

the cardboard packaging looks weird because a little bit of foundation ran out inside.

i chose the shade No.1, looking it up it was suggested for fair-medium skin with yellow undertones (i'm NC20-25 in MAC, so i guessed it would match). and it matches me quite well but again is still darker han my cheesy-white chest :P and i would look like a ghost trying to adapt to it. it has a slightly peach undertone, which makes the complexion look fresh and healthy and doesn't create a dull grey cast like with foundations which are too yellow.

a drop of: Hourglass Veil foundation in No.1 - MAC Pro Longwear NC20
Hourglass Veil foundation No.1 freshly applied
Hourglass Veil foundation No.1 10 minutes after application

it has a really weird scent, it smells fruity sweet but warm and creamy, like moldy tangerines. when i rub it on my hand, it created a cinnamon scent. very unusual for a foundation. (do you have this foundation also? does it smell like this or has mine probably gone bad?)
the Hourglass Veil has a creamy consistency and a fine texture without too much slip or silicone-y feel. so it spreads a bit harder than with other foundations. on freshly moisturised skin it blends easier, of course. i tried to use my fingers and also the BeautyBlender to apply it, i definitely got a better result with the BeautyBlender sponge. it doesn't settle into fine lines or enlarged pores
it doesn't darken on me. it has a light-medium coverage and a sheer, dewy finish. it doesn't last very well on my oily skin, i get quite greasy at the afternoon, even if i set it with loose powder. it still is there and covering up, but is not oil controlling in any kind (rather nourishing, so dry skins would love it!) and a grease film will sit on top about 5-6 hours after application. it may be water resistant but can't resist my oils :)
since i really like the dewy glowy finish, i'm going to figure out a way to use it like blot it more regularly, or mix with long lasting formulas, use it in winter time. this foundation belongs to the "high maintenance" group for me which can't be worn everyday like the "slap on and no worry" group ;)
it didn't irritate my skin or made me break out yet. i also have not used it regularly and often enough to notice any skin care benefits.

this is how it looks applied: (on 2 different days) +/- brows filled in, under eye concealer, nothing else.
haha, funny "it's so bright!"-face ;)


  1. Du wirst mich jetzt vermutlich erdolchen, aber der dicke Arm-Swatch sieht aus wie ein verheilender blauer Fleck. :D

  2. Moldy tangerines sounds really yucky!! It is among my least favorite smells, so I guess this product's usability comes down to personal preferences... As always :-D

    Relatable Style

  3. Could it be that it has a little yellow tinge?

  4. @viva: da ich stets nach gelblichen foundations suche und jene immer unterschiedlich ausfallen, sehe ich nach einem swatch-marathon immer aus, als wäre ich vor 2 wochen in eine schlimme prügelei geraten ... ;)

    @lili: yes, i can't help, but since i detected the scent and remembered why it smells so weirdly familiar, i can't associate it with anything else anymore ...

    @Valerie: it's more a honey-gold undertone, not really yellow.


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