Apr 24, 2011

Catrice new range: eyeshadow quad "10 The Season's Must Have".

i recently bought this quad. it's the Absolute Eye Colour palette in 10 The Season's Must Have.
the colours neither look very well coordinated from the first sight, nor are they my usual style. but looking at it more, i found it really interesting, and also very inspiring.
it costs 4.49€ and contains 8g of product in total (the bigger pans contain 2.5g, the smaller ones 1.5g).
i love the packaging, it's an amazing design and quality for this low price segment (but cribbed from Shu Uemura packagings :/ ).  clean and simple, very modern and high quality. great to store.
the pans are glued in a bit wonky, i also had a slightly cracked pan, but  it's not so bad.
the quad contains:
  • a satin, almost matte dark eggplant/plum. the texture of this is ok. finely milled, not that pigmented but only minimal fall out and minimal blotchiness. blends out ok. a good outer corner&crease colour. better than Shadowy Lady from MAC, for example, which is a similar shade but with poor pigmentation and texture.
  • a medium pure grey with silver shimmer. it applies like a satin/matte finish. it's rather sheer and more blotchy than the eggplant shade.
  • a mint/aqua shade with green and clear shimmer particles. this is the most powdery shade, it also applies only sheerly.
  • a shimmery peachy nude shade. applies and blends evenly, sheer pigmentation. it blends into my skin very well to create a glowy pearly look. can also be used as inner corner highlight, lid shade or sparingly as a brow bone highlight.
the eyeshadow quality really leaves a lot to be desired, but i appreciate how combination-friendly this quad is the most.
i think it's already worth the money for giving me some inspiration and making me wear combos i wouldn't have thought of primarily. i still could replace the colours with better quality substitutes later. with this palette, every colour combination is possible and would look nice. maybe different, but never weird. that's also the reason why i'm showing you 4 different looks instead of only 1 or 2. mostly i only used 2 shades out of the 4.
the staying power is ok if i use a good primer underneath. i don't experiece creasing or fading, but after a long day the colours aren't as clear and brilliant as they are in the beginning (even though they lack brilliance anyway) and seem to mix together to a muddy pabulum.
but it's still a nice and affordable palette for make up beginners who want to experiment with sheer colours. i wouldn't doubt to give it to my niece.

here are some different looks i created with this palette:
cream on the lid and blended up, mint on the lower lashline

grey in the inner half of the upper lid & lower lashline, plum in the outer part

cream in the inner third of upper&lower lid, plum in the outer part

mint in the inner half of upper&lower lid, grey in the outer half, plum in the crease and as a liner (foiled)


  1. Wow! die Palette brauch ich auch! Sieht ja wirklich voll super aus! Besonders das Violett/Braun und das schimmrige Braun habens mir angetan *_*

  2. Wunderschön zarte Amus!
    Sag mal welche Mascara benutzt Du? Hast so schön geschwungene Wimpern! :)

  3. @ari: danke!

    @lizzy: auch dir lieben dank! ich benutze alle möglichen mascaras, wahllose pröbchen zur zeit, deswegen eher high end. ansonsten drogerie ;)


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