Apr 14, 2011

Giorgio Armani "Heat" collection - Mediterranean Eye Palette 2011

i ordered this eyeshadow palette right after seeing it going online on douglas.de (since the limited edition products by GA sell out quite fast and i don't have a counter near me). i found only a few pics and information about this particular palette on the internet, but wanted to get a palette by Armani since some time.
this palette contains 2g of product all in all (i was surprised that it has so little!!) and costs 47.95€, use the code 155DEDM and safe 5€ extra.
thanks to some GWP codes i also could grab a few nice goodies...
  • KLP589 for a Kiehl's deluxe sample set with Ultra Facial Moisturizer (30ml) + Creme De Corps (30ml)
  • SDM247 for a miniature perfume set with Shiseido Zen for men and for women (5ml each)
  • mobil548 for a Tommy Hilfiger Woman rollerball edp 7ml 

it comes in a sleek matte black compact that has a gold lid as it's limited edition. the case is sturdy and chic, it has a full size mirror and doesn't contain applicators. the shadows are placed in stripes in the round compact, i find it a bit hard to reach the shades individually if you don't use a smaller brush.

some suggestions by Giorgio Armani to combine the colours

the palette contains all very warm neutral shades, all are shimmery. they are very smooth and almost creamy. all shades are finely milled and very pigmented. they blend out beautifully with nice depth. there is a dark golden brown at the top, a pinky peach underneath, a peachy gold and a cream shade at the bottom. the gold shade has an almost metallic finish while the cream shade has the least shimmers and can be used as a brow bone highlight also. the colours last well on my lids, even without a primer i get many hours of wear without creasing or fading.
the colours might be too warm for me... what do you think?

this is how it looks applied:
i used all shades of the palette - the peach in the inner third, the dark bron in the outer half, the gold and a little bit of the brown on the lower lashline and the cream under the eyebrows.

in comparison to other warm shades: 
i haven't swatched them side by side yet. if you want to, i will do it soon.


  1. The colours remind me of some from UD's Naked Palette. Pretty!

  2. Steht dir wirklich sehr gut. Besonders schön ist das Gold am unteren Wimpernkranz.
    Und die Swatches sind wie immer hervorragend. Welche Kamera verwendest du denn dafür?

  3. Wow this colors are beautigul. And the AMU is gorgeous.

  4. Oh, der ist so schön!
    Wieviel kostet sowas denn?
    Liebe Grüße

  5. thank you all! you don't find it too warm? i'm a bit unsecure with such peachy-golds near my eyes.

    @femme: die palette kostet 47,95€ bei douglas.de.

  6. @anonymous: i use an old canon ixus something. it only has 3megapix, but i am satisfied with the photo quality. i find the canon ixus cameras make the best photos / portraits colourwise in the compact cameras i've tried. i will need a new camera, soon. this one is really old and sometimes the focus doesn't work. but i think i will get a newer ixus anyways.

  7. Found your blog through The beauty look book and I am so glad I did. You have an amazing blog :)

  8. Golden is so your colour, you look beautiful!

  9. @flyavsted: thank you very much!!!

    @yarisse: really? thanks! so i'll keep this palette, i think. i was unsure about it and was afraid it would be too warm for me...

  10. Always a pleasure :)
    Well, it is about how you feel when wearing it, but I really do like this combination on you. I think it opens your eyes and makes them stand out.


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