Apr 23, 2011

Shiseido lipsticks #2 - one more sampler card.

after swatching the last sample card i remembered that i have one more of these lipstick samples by Shiseido which i got some months ago. i took it out of the depths of my sample basket and noticed that it was different from the one i have just showed you - so here are more lip swatches from 4 more Shiseido lipstick shades, this time from the normal Rouge Parfait/Perfect Rouge line. Shiseido lipsticks are 24.95€ each.
just now i notice, that there is one similar shade in both sampler cards, the intense red shade.

RD 514 is a rich cool toned red from the classic lipstick line. it doesn't contain shimmer. it applies creamy and is opaque in 2 layers. it wears very well without accentuating or bleeding into fine lines. it doesn't dry out my lips but also isn't moisturising. the finish has some creamy sheen to it so it doesn't look dry.
this is the same shade like i have showed you last time. but applying it, i didn't recognize it and thought this would be a darker shade and more bloody red. maybe it's because this time i photographed in the shadow.
a beautiful glamourous red that doesn't make me look older. it would look great with a super pale and glowy, heavily pale-gold highlighted, porcellain complexion (i may try this look soon to show you...).

BE 208 is a muted peachy nude. it's shimmer-free and applies rather sheer with a light sheen. it feels light on your lips, but the creaminess is a bit weird even though very smooth, it may be a bit slippery and needs to be re-applied more often, like a sheer lipstick. i find it ok, not too pale and it doesn't wash me out. it's a good everyday nude for nude lip-fans, but for me a bit too light.

PK 417 is a bright strawberry pink with fine golden shimmer bits, it looks fantastic in the little pan. i find the consistency lighter than with the other shades, it also applies and feels best of the bunch. this is a shade i would get thanks to the tester card. it looks juicy and soft on my lips, exciting but not heavy. and the fine golden shimmer is just beautiful in sunlight (i wished it would be more visible generally). a great bright for the summer.

PK 307 is a cool toned mauvey pink without shimmer. it has a creamy consistency and feels moisturising and lightweight. a nice understated shade that freshens up your lips but doesn't draw too much attention.

i love to get lipstick samples. it makes the choice much easier if you can apply a fresh and hygienic (!) tester at home so you get the consistency better, can see it in different light conditions, can prep your lips before application... all in all much better than to swatch at the counters especially for a non-lip-person like me.


  1. I have never seen a lipstick sample. I think it's a good idea. They all look great on you.

  2. I love the colors.
    But before I buy one of these lipsticks I want to get a sample. Because they aren´t really cheap, I want to try them first.

  3. @beautyandthenails: i also have only received lipstick samples (for free) by shiseido and the body shop. there were some sample cards for the chanel rouge cocos and now the chanel rouge coco shines around, but i never got them :(
    i remember when yves rocher had those tiny mini lipstick samples that were stackable ... :]

    @valerie: yes, you should insist on that! but if it's impossible, you could bring a retractable lip brush with you and load it up with the shade you want to try the most.


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