Apr 5, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge blush brush

i love brushes, and it's my aim to try (and own) all the good ones ;) since i love this brand and i love good brushes, it's a natural consequence to buy this blusher brush #002 by Rouge Bunny Rouge which i lusted after for so long thanks to all the amazing reviews i've read of it. at 47£ i needed some time to convince myself, but in the end i'd get it anyways ;)
it comes in a cardboard box with a brush cover. it has a rather light wooden handle and a black metal ferrule. it seems to be sturdy and well crafted.
it's made of natural squirrel hair, cruelty free as the statement on the official site says: "No animals are harmed in the collection of brush hairs. The hairs are collected from the grooming of the animal."

the hair is really soft, almost as soft as my Hakuhodo S111 blue squirrel blush brush, but the fibres have more texture and volume so it's more fluffy. the brush head is of a classic blush-brush-shape, rather loose and thin.
initially it smells quite strong like "animal", but this fades at the second wash latest.
it washes really well, it didn't bleed any dye and lost only 2 or 3 hairs in the first wash. it also held the shape and didn't fluff out. take a look at my brush cleansing tips here.
as it is fairly loose and fluffy, it's great to apply pigmented blushes and blends them out evenly and seamlessly. the soft hairs are a delight to swipe and gently buff on your cheeks.
i don't regret the purchase at all - a great addition to every brush collection! i plan to get their crease brush and contour brush very soon ;)

comparison to classic blush brushes:
MAC 129 - RBR Blusher 002 - MakeUpShow blush brush - Hakuhodo S111 - MAC 116 - Trish McEvoy Sheer Blush brush
MAC 129 - RBR Blusher 002 - MakeUpShow blush brush - Hakuhodo S111 - MAC 116 - Trish McEvoy Sheer Blush brush


  1. First off LOVE your blog!! I swear you are my long lost twin. Not only do I share your love and um lets face it obsession for brushes but also for good quality products and packaging.I noticed in one of your brush posts you have a da vinci brush. Can I get your thoughts on the brand and how they compare to Hakuhodo? Also do you have The Big, Fat, Firm,Foundation Brush. I've been thinking about getting this brush for a while but have not read many reviews. Thanks.

  2. thank you lizzie.smith!
    i can only speak for some davinci brushes i've tried so far: most eye brushes are very good, the price tag for those are ok. but the face brushes from the normal range aren't worth their price at all. the hairs are cut and not natural ends, the brushes harsh and still very expensive. they have an exclusive line with squirrel hair, though, which i haven't seen in store before. but most of these brushes are extremely expensive (around 100€) so i don't know if i would try them somedays.

  3. oh, and the big fat foundation brush i don't own it (yet?). i only have the super foundation brush by louise young.

  4. Thanks your davinci brush description that really helps. A little off topic here but your skin is amazing. I don't know if you've blogged about your skin care but I'd love to know what you use? Have a great day.

  5. thank you lizzie. i always plan to, but never came around to do a skin regimen post. it's nothing special, though.


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