Apr 30, 2011

MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder

this is MAC's Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl. it was a limited edition item in their Give Me Liberty Of London collection last spring. i didn't get it when it was just released, then kind of regretted (after seeing numerous swatches online) and went back to the counter to buy it but it was sold out already.
when i tried their Beauty Powders for the first time with those from the Stylishly Yours collection (Too Chic and Play It Proper), i learned to appreciate their fine texture, much finer than MSFs and with a more subtle effect. so i regretted even more not getting Shell Pearl. and when Catrice came out with their Wonderland collection and this beautiful highlighter that reminded me of Shell Pearl, i couldn't get it and regretted even more.
luckily i came across a blog sale of a fellow blogger who wanted to separate from it after only 2-3 uses some weeks ago, so i grabbed my chance immediately ;)
Beauty Powders contain 10g of product, this particular one originally cost 29€ i think (i paid something about 20€ with shipping included from overseas).
the packaging surely is not everybody's favourite, and definitely not my preference. but i always say to myself: "it's the content that matters!" with MAC, since it's not a bad quality but just a borderline design.

Shell Pearl is a light pink with fine gold pearl (unlike Play It Proper which had a white pearl sheen). it has a very fine texture just like i expected and creates a fine glowy gold sheen. in the pearly effect, it reminds me of Laura Mercier Orange Blossom, but it different in colour. it applies evenly and doesn't emphasize my enlarged pores too much. it's too light for me to be used as a blusher, i guess it will be more visible on fair skin tones (nc15 and lighter). but with it's light pink base colour it still gives me a hint of colour, so i like to wear it on a larger area than if i would use a highlight powder only. together with a bronzey contour, it looks really good!

MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder in the shadow: swatched heavily & blended out
MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder in sunlight: swatched heavily&blended out

this is how it looks applied: with a contour only.


  1. I absolutely LOVE shell pearl, I bought it when it came out. To be honest, I hoped I could use it as a blush, but even on my light skin I didn't think it was working. But I use it every single day since I got it as highlighter and still can't see any real sign of usage :D So it is not just very pretty, but also goes a loooooong way.
    I loved the design, so if you ever empty it, I would take the box ;)

    Btw do you prefer commenting in german or english?

  2. Oh, jetzt bereue ich es auch, dass ich ihn nicht gekauft habe :/
    Aber meine Beautypowder, die ich habe liebe ich auch! Viel besser als die Blushes von MAC, man kann nicht überdosieren und sie lassen sich klasse verteilen :)

    Könntest du mal deine komplette MAC Sammlung zeigen ? :P

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Would you have any tips on how to use as a contour?? I can't get it to work as a blush :(

  4. hi tropicalaqua
    i use it as a highlighter when i'm tanned in the summer. i just apply it right over the area where i would apply my blush, slightly overlapping. like on the edge between the cheeks and the outer sides of the eyes where the light would reflect when you get shiny ;)


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