Apr 29, 2011

Guerlain Ombre Fusion 03 Maya

i ordered one more of Guerlain's recently released cream/liquid eyeshadows, the Ombre Fusion in 03 Maya. click here for my review of 02 Havana.
it contains 6ml and costs 28.95€. i ordered it on douglas.de. with the code 293DEDM i could save 5€ and only paid 23.95€. i also used mobil548 to get one more of Hilfiger Woman rollerball perfumes (i own about 7 now, most of them will be goodies, giveaways, little extras to gifts,...).

the beautiful packaging is just like the one of their KissKiss Glosses, but have a matte plastic bottom part and a dark maroon glossy top. it has a little doe foot applicator.

now to the big downside of this: it get's really messy. by putting the applicator in and out several times, it creates an overpressure inside the tube and the rather liquidy product will swell out of the insufficient stopper, making the opening hole messy and wastes a lot of product. it's like if your lipgloss runs out.
i didn't experience this with the other shade i own, but heaven forbid!

look how much product stays on the upper part of the wand, it will sum up and flow over :(
when you close the tube, it gets squeezed out...

03 Maya is a shimmery dark maroon shade with pink and gold microglitters, which are even more visible after blending out the product and create a nice and warm copper shimmer on the lid. this shade blends out quite sheer, but you can easily layer it to a more intense colour. it's a nice shade for an effortless brown smokey eye.
it has the same texture like the other shade, Havana. it feels liquidy and seems hard to blend when firstly dabbed onto the skin, but settles to a more silicone-creamy texture in a few seconds and is easily to blend. even if it seems like it would have been set completely, you can still blend out harsh edges to an even fade. this seems the most special attribute with this texture. other than other cream or liquid eyeshadows i have tried, these don't set completely and are non-smudge-able or blendable, they will set, but you still have some time after they have dried.
the shimmer is evenly distributed after blending, that's the other thing i like about these. they make the colours look deeper and more complex, lay on the colour like a second veil of finest sparkling fiery bits and really enhance the light in your eyes. they somewhat remember me of the effect of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadows in enhancing your eyes, but much softer, much more subtle and not as metallic-glowing.
this shade also lasted really well on me, 9h+ without creasing even when i didn't use a lid primer first (i never wear a lid primer under cream eyeshadows, i find that they will loose their lightweight-look that way).
i like to use this darker shade as an effortless smokey wash of colour&shimmer on the lid on it's own even though it would also be a good base shade for powder shadows. (i know i say "effortless" too often these days, but that's just my ultimate goal for summer. enhance your features but look effortless and natural.)
i hope the problem with the packaging doesn't return. i cleaned it thoroughly and have to handle it even more carefully from now on.

this is how it looks applied, i used it with a MAC217-type brush on the upper lid and with the MAC242 on the lower lashline.

Guerlain L'Instant d'un Soupir - Guerlain Maya - MAC Constructivist - Artdeco #206
Guerlain L'Instant d'un Soupir - Guerlain Maya - MAC Constructivist - Artdeco #206


  1. Oh, der ist so wunderschön :) Die Verpackung ist ein Traum...
    Liebe Grüße

  2. this is such a pretty neutral shade! :) it looks so wonderful on your eyes too.

  3. Thanks for this review. It looks great on you.

  4. This color is amazing and I like your reviews and looks.

    Please do a review on Chanel fluid iridescent eyeshadow.Thanks :)

  5. thank you all!

    @anonymous: thank you so much! i'd love to do a review on chanels liquid eyeshadows, but i don't own any of them (yet?). i really wanted the one from last year's holiday collection, but it was not released in germany... :(

  6. Hi thanks for the review. Another EFFORTLESS great look! I actually went to get Havana after reading your review on it. But do you think Maya and Havana look quite similar when blended out? I swatched them side by side on back of my hand and just didn't find them different enough (to own both). What you think? Do you also find them that close when applied on your lids?
    Thank a lot!


  7. hi shirley.
    thank you for your compliment! i find havana and maya quite different. while havana is a cool greenish taupe with gold sparkles maya is a warm maroon-ish brown thanks to its copper sparkles. i can justice owning both without a doubt, but if someone is on a budget, i would recommend to go for the undertone that would suit one better...

    have a nice weekend!

  8. Oh thanks for the quick reply! Now I think I have to own Maya too, or even Bahia! Would you consider Bahia? I think it is a lovely silvery pink which may be used to soften some harsh dark colors, especially considering summer is approaching.
    Love love your blog! I am always amazed by your passion for beauty products and distinguished taste!


  9. haha, i just have swatched bahia on the back of my hand this afternoon! it's really beautiful, i think i'll have to get it, too - but was distracted because there also was the new chanel summer look at this point ;)
    but bahia seems very nice - not that baby-pink like how it appears in promo pics or in the tube. on the skin it blends with your colouring to a peachy shade. i think it is somewhat similar to MAC's All That Glitters but just a bit more pink.


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