Apr 19, 2011

Shiseido lipsticks.

i got this sample card of 4 different Shiseido lipsticks with my last douglas.de order. so i thought i could swatch them for you to see... i think i haven't tried Shiseido lipsticks before (other than some swatching at the counter). i don't like their numbering system, it's seems hard to remember.
the sample card comes with a mini lip brush that i haven't used yet.

RD514 is a rich cool toned red from the classic lipstick line. it doesn't contain shimmer. it applies creamy and is opaque in 2 layers. it wears very well without accentuating or bleeding into fine lines. it doesn't dry out my lips but also isn't moisturising. i had it on my lips for only 2-3 hours, then removed to swatch the next shades, so i can't say so much about staying power.

PK224 is from the Glowing Matte line. it's a warm peachy pink without shimmer and has a satin finish. it's quite sheer, so not really dead-matte but a nice natural wash of colour. it's like a brightened up natural lip on me. the satin matte finish makes it blending into my lip texture seamlessly, making me look like i don't wear anything at all. the texture is very silicony, remembers me of the recent P2 blush sticks, and quite drying. otherwise it would be a great indetectable lip brightener.

RD722 is also from the Glowing Matte Range. it's a cool toned beigy-mauve which (combined with that matte finish) can make me look sick and corpse-like if i don't pair it with a bright blusher.

RS326 is a Tender Sheer lipstick. it's a blueish mauvey pink without shimmer. it's fairly sheer and very creamy and feels very light and moisturising on my lips. it has a shiny finish and makes my lips look soft and tender. it lasts on me about 2h. my favourite texture out of the bunch, definitely a line worth checking out.  i find the texture better than from the new Chanel or Dior sheer lippies.

it's great to get such samples, i think the cosmetic companies would do well by producing more of these. i will get the fourth lipstick out of this bunch thanks to the testing card. otherwise i wouldn't have noticed it. Shiseido lipsticks cost 24.95€ each.

have you often bought full size products after trying out samples that you randomly got (without asking for it, i mean)?


  1. I so agree with you on the numbering of the lipsticks. Makes it so hard to repurchase it, without writing down the number or bringing it along and that seems like a hassle to me ;)

  2. yes, i find the character/number combo is even harder to keep in mind than numbers only/characters only. i think that way it's also harder to spread the word about them. like: "did you try the PK345 lippie by shiseido? it's told to be the best!" - "erh no, but wasnt it the RS345? or PK678?"


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