Apr 18, 2011

Hourglass Visionare Eye Shadow Duo - Prism

when i heard Hourglass is now sold at Ludwig Beck in munich, and with better pricing than in the UK, i knew i would place a bigger order soon - and now it has arrived ;)
i'll start to introduce to you my haul piece for piece: first in row will be the Hourglass Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Prism.
like everybody who has ever tried the eyeshadows by this brand, i was amazed and can 100% confirm the rave reviews out there. an eyeshadow quality i have rarely or maybe never experienced, everything is fantastic with these, i have not even one complaint.

*they are (finally, for the beauty-god's sake) easier accessible to us german based - you just have to make a phone call to the very nice and helpful Hourglass counter in Ludwig Beck Munich (5 Höfe). they don't charge delivery costs on orders of 50€+ (if you order less, the shipping costs will be 4.50€).

*there the prices are a bit lower than if you order on zuneta.com (UK based). for example, an eyeshadow duo would cost around 33€ on zuneta while it's 28€ at Beck.

*the delivery time is short with both shops, i receive my order within 3-5 days.

*you get a great amount of product for your money: a duo contains 2 shades of 3g each! = 28€ for 6g of fantastic eyeshadow. a nice deal for people who search for basic and everyday-use products.

*the packaging is of a very high quality. it's a glossy dark brown compact with a mirror inside and a magnetic closure. quite gimmicky (as you can twist the lid around 3d), but still very sturdy and sleek.

*even the little brush that comes with it is very high quality. pretty tiny, but of a better hair quality and shape than some of my full size brushes. i wouldn't worry if i had forgotten my "real" brushes and would have to get around with this tiny baby brush.

*the texture! the texture of these eyeshadows is incredibly fine, velvety smooth, buttery, pigmented, all positive things you could say about an eyeshadow applies to these.
they apply like a dream and blend out and together beautifully without getting muddy or blotchy. they are so dense and intense and still soft that i only need to dab my brush into the pan to get a good amount of product and colour on my lid. i don't have noticeable fall outs even with the darkest shades (i apply my eyeshadows only in a pressing motion).
they last very well on me. even though i have oily and folded eyelids, i don't get creasing or fading even without a primer 9h+.

Prism contains a shimmery blue steel grey, or you could also call it a foggy blue. it has blue microshimmer. the other shade is a matte black with lots of crystal and blue sparkles. it's incredibly rich and deep. blended out, the sparkle disappears.
this duo is great for a drama-smokey look. or you could use the black shade as your staple black just as well, it's so intense that could be easily worn as a liner.

Hourglass Prism in the shadow
Hourglass Prism in direct sunlight

i created 2 looks with this, a softer and a more intense eye make up:
the steel grey on the lid and blended out and on the lower lashline, the black shade with an angled brush as a liner

the steel blue on the inner 2/3 of the lid and lower lashline, the black in the outer corner.

comparison: i don't have a lookalike for the black shade.
MAC Knight Divine - Hourglass Prism
MAC Knight Divine - Hourglass Prism

 my 4 duos: read about Exhibition duo here.


  1. OH MAN! Ich war im Hautnah und hab die Duos sogar geswatched, aber ich hab mich nicht getraut nach den Preisen zu fragen, weil ich irgendwas 40 € + erwartet hab. Jetzt ärger ich mich total, dass ich nicht gefragt hab, hätt ich das gewusst, hätt ich natürlich ein Duo mitgenommen! Hilft alles nix, ich geh morgen nochmal hin :D

  2. That is GORGEOUS! So so pretty! I have resisted these and resisted these duo's for so long! Your post is pushing me over the EDGE!

  3. these are soo worth it! with guerlain or chanel i don't speak out a recommendation so easily, but these are fantastic in value.

  4. I'd read about the Hourglass duo on a Spanish blog some time ago and the girl said the black on this duo was waay better than the famous 'Carbon' by Mac.
    Packaging is awesome.

  5. This is gorgeous! I knew that but I haven't ventured to get one yet. Question: Is there no dupe for this blue?

  6. War heute im Hautnah und hab mir das Exhibition Duo geholt :D

  7. I'm completely addicted to your blog! Great products and reviews :) xx


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