Apr 3, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics

YSL released a new line of eyeshadow quads - the Pure Chromatics line.
these palettes are promoted as super pigmented eyeshadows that can be used wet&dry, while foiling them with water will boost the colours to an intense and metallic finish.
they contain 5g of product and cost 47.95€.
the packaging is typical YSL-ugliness (for me at least), trashy and edgy gold plastic packaging, light, thin and very 80ies. no velvet pouch, but very prone to scratches and fingerprints.
it has a full size mirror and contains two applicators, while one is quite uncommon and looks like a rubber spatula on the one side and a pointed rubber applicator on the other end. it's for the wet application of the eyeshadows. i haven't tried such an applicator before and still hesitate to ;)
i find almost all palettes very nicely colour coordinated. although maybe some weird combinations on the first side, i can imagine they layer to fabulous and unusual results and could look amazing in conjunction. i chose the probably most muted, neutral and safe combination, #3. a versatile palette, work-appropriate looks can be done with it as well as more colourful or smokey looks. some will miss a neutral/brow bone highlight shade, but for me it's perfect how it is. i rarely use a brow bone highlighter and would prefer one of my few staples anyway.

the palette #3 contains 4 cool toned shades:
  • a shimmery denim blue
  • a shimmery icy blue
  • a shimmery medium sand taupe with silver sparkles
  • a dark brown with maroon shimmer
these eyeshadows are soft but rather dry and gritty (maybe because they contain so much pigment and less binding ingredients for wet usage?), so on the first swatch i wasn't very blown away as the shadows came out sheerer than i expected. but once applied on the eyelids (i used a cream eyeshadow as a base), i was quite pleased by the high pigmentation and good blendability.
it didn't irritate my eyes, but used dry i experienced a little bit of fall out and also some product came into my eyes. the finish is shimmery and pearly. i haven't used them wet until now, so i can't speak for that (i still shy away from wetting them, it disturbs the look :P). the staying power is ok, after 6 hours i had a minimal crease-line but nothing too bad. i'll have to experiment with different eyeshadow primers.

YSL Pure Chromatics #3 swatched dry.
YSL Pure Chromatics #3 swatched wet.

two different looks with the palette, i always incorporated all shades.

these are my first eyeshadows from this brand, so of course i don't have any comparison to the normal range. where would you place YSL eyeshadows when you'd do a brand comparison?


  1. I'm so glad to read that I'm not the only one finding the YSL packaging tacky!

  2. They are really nice :D But too expensive for me, unfortunately.

    Btw, as I noticed you're a blush lover, can you just tell me which one of these reminds you the most of NARS's Orgasm? :) I intend to buy one of these as they are well pigmented and shimmery :)

  3. @musing on beauty: the design is so behind the times, isn't it? i'm glad, too that i'm not the only one. i also can't understand why a established luxury cosmetics brand can do such a tacky lipstick tube such as the YSL Rouge Voluptes. i mean, they look cute and kawaii and so cheesy that it's funny again, but i wouldn't associate YSL with kawaii...

    @isaswan: what brand do you need an orgasm dupe of?

  4. Their duo eyeshadows used to be amazing (like 6 years ago LOL), those nowadays are kinda meh... most of the time one color is like the MAC Lustres, lots of fall out glitter. and I don't like the color selection nowadays. however, I need to take a look a the new quads...

  5. Oh, I am so sorry, I forgot to post a link with pictures :D

    Here is it:


  6. @trey jones: thank you for your assessment! then i don't think i have to look into this brand any further. maybe i'll get one of the new cream blushes, though.

    @Isaswan: i don't think any of the new catrice blushes is a dupe for orgasm. they have more of a satin finish while orgasm is more shimmery and complex of a strawberry pink with golden sheen & shimmer. but if it has to be this brand, i would try the dark shade of #01 raspberry icecream as a base and the light shimmery shade of #02 peach sorbet layered on top.


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