Apr 21, 2011

I'm a foundation alchemist!

so this is my foundation drawer, containing all foundations i "like" at the moment (there is also another drawer with more crappy foundations and some are still in the blog sale). you see i'm a bit foundation-obsessed :P i'm always on my search for the perfect flawless finish that is longlasting and luminous but natural. but am not patient enough to completely use up one product before purchasing another. i like to have the choice ;)
although i know that these are consistencies that don't have a never ending shelf life time, i am ok with it because none of them is older than 2 years, i store them under cool, dry and dark conditions and have never had an spoiled product. i always try to use them in the most hygienical way possible (e.g. use spatulas, don't touch with the skin directly or only with clean hands etc.)
i rotate most of my foundations in a random order, but what i almost always do is : TO MIX THEM!

i mix every foundation with another, there is none that i have only used on it's own (you see in many of my posted FOTDs i use 2 foundations). to achieve:
*the perfect colour: i have some that are too light/too dark/too yellow/too pink/...
*the perfect consistency - but this is a less important factor,
*the perfect finish: to balance out too dewy or too matte finishes
*a better staying power: i love some of the dewy finish foundations, but they never make it through a day on my oily skin unharmed. so i mix them with my hardcore lasting foundations to make them usable for me ;)
* more fun and variety with my make up and find pure gold by mixing tinted fluids ;)

i mix them in random rates, but mostly the bigger part for the foundation with the better finish (or generally the product i like better). i put blobs of them onto my ikea dish (here ;)) and mix them with a little spatula. i always apply my foundations with the BeautyBlender sponge (review) these days but there's also a numerous amount of foundation brushes i could use and (almost) all of them give a fantastic application (condense post here).

here are my 3 favourite combos:

pure perfection: Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation in SP40 + Guerlain Parure Gold in 02 Beige Clair.
flawless porcellain complexion, the Shiseido foundation boosts the staying power of the rather nourishing Parure Gold. the Sun Protection Foundation lightens up the Guerlain a little bit and neutralises it's pinkish undertones, steering it into the more yellow way. this is my "perfect duo" i could always count on when i need to have a perfect skin. it's rather heavy (but doesn't feel so) and high coverage, but looks soft and luminous on the skin. i have once introduced to you this combo.

this combination i just discovered recently. when i wanted to sort out my foundations for the blog sale i was on the verge of giving away my Chanel Pro Lumière in 20 Clair but thought about how i loved the perfect even finish it gives me right after application and also the first two hours after that. (but then it just disappears. here is my review on it).
i wanted to have this finish but with a better staying power, so i needed something light that wouldn't interfere and change the finish of the "main actor" too much but has a great lasting time to play the supporting role. then it came to my mind that i have just purchased the MAC Face&Body Foundation in C2 at that time (review here), which has all the benefits i needed: sheer coverage but good staying power. so i tried them both mixed together. and what can i say? it's great!!
now i can enjoy the flawless dewy finish of Chanel's Pro Lumière for a longer time (now it looks good for at least 6 hours) and it was allowed to stay in my foundation drawer.

and last but not least is the Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation in 4.5 mixed with Astor Perfect Stay Make Up in 100.
both are long lasting products, but alone, none is perfect. the Giorgio Armani is a bit too light for me and the finish is not that impressing. the Astor has a beautiful finish but is a bit too dark and has too little yellow undertones. together they give the perfect matching shade, are very long wearing and at the end of the day i still have a refined satiny finish. this is the most natural combo out of the 3 i showed you and also my combination of choice for a good working day make up.

do you mix your foundations? what are your favourite pairings? if not: try it, it can safe some of your foundations from the dustbin!


  1. Wow!! U do have a lot! ;) I have 3 foundations: the oldest is from Dr. Hauschka, which I can only use in winter coz when it's warm it just melts away basically in 2 hrs. The next one is from Avène in compact to cover up my acne when it's really flared, alas is has too much red in it, so I don't like it. And THE foundation which I have been using since Nov. is MAC's Pro Longwear in NC 35 because at least this one STAYS on my face, I'll see how this works during the summer. I've never mixed my foundations before, but maybe I'll try it out soon! :)

  2. My fav FrankenFoundation at the moment: Nars Sheer Glow combined with Estee Lauder Double Wear. One pump each - the finish is still dewy enough for me, but it lasts all day. I'd recommed it!

  3. @momma: yes, i'm kind of a foundation-collector, also. i also have the mac pro longwear and find it good for the staying power, but it doesn't have the greatest coverage. if i want both, i would choose Revlon Colourstay (which can look masky) or Estée Lauder Double Wear. sadly i broke out from the estée lauder one.

    @anna: oh, i had both of them! but i sold the nars on my blog sale and had to return the estée lauder dw because it made me break out heavily when i tried it about over a year ago...

  4. Yes! I'm not feeling so guilty about all my foundations AND mixing them. By the way, EXCELLENT Blog!!!!

  5. thank you Bedalyz! i don't feel guilty, too :P


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