Apr 2, 2011

new Dior Addict lipstick #564 Model

this is one of the 44 new Dior Addict lipsticks. i have swatched some of them in store, they have lots of beautiful, fresh and bright shades but in the end i decided to go for the shade #564 Model as most of the others were too sheer on my pigmented lips.
the new packaging is lovely, a clear acrylic tube with a rainbow iridescence. it's slightly bigger than the old one. the silver band is a bit irritating to me, though. i thought it would be a classic tube now.

new and old version of the Dior Addict lippie
#564 Model is a bright and spring-y coral pink with pink microshimmer. it's very sheer but is builable to a medium opacity. the texture is light and slippery, it's very creamy and smooth on the lips. the finish is shiny but not glossy because of the thin texture.  it has a slight sweet scent, nothing that would bother me.
on my lips it is the perfect spring pink and makes them look young and full (not that they are old, but you know what i mean... ;) ). it moisturises very well and i get about 2 hours of wear with it, drinking and talking included. after eating i surely would need to reapply.
compared to the new Rouge Coco Shines by Chanel (i habe the shade #57 Aventure) the Dior Addicts are more sheer and have a creamier and softer texture. the shimmer of my Dior lipstick is finer than in the Rouge Coco Shine, and Aventure is a blueish pink with gold shimmer while Model is a shimmery coral pink.
compared to the old Dior Addict texture, the new one is less waxy but more sheer, shiny and "melting".
all in all i think it's a great fresh lipstick, a beautiful tube that you would enjoy to use. but because most shades are so sheer that i wouldn't notice a big difference on my lips, i am not very excited to get more colours right now. maybe i will try a darker one.
they contain 3.5g and cost 27.95€.

Dior Addict #564 Model swiped once & multiple layers
my bare lips for you to compare
Dior Addict #564 Model next to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #57 Aventure (on the right)


  1. Die Farbe steht dir super! Die Dior Addict Lippenstift sind einfach toll :).

  2. These look lovely! The colours you picked would be same as me :) x

  3. Die Farbe ist wunderschön, sie ist so ähnlich wie die Farbe meines Dior Glosses in das ich mich gleich beim auftragen verliebt habe :-)

  4. Wunderschön! Aber deine Lippen sehen auch toll aus. <3

  5. hey,

    i think thats a "your lips but better" colour. Its very lovely. Thanks for the review. Was very helpful and I guess I gotta get my hands on one of those!


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