Apr 17, 2011

NARS Nouveau Monde

i finally got my NARS Nouveau Monde Eyeshado Duo last week. i had an "order difficulty" with ASOS when they sold NARS and the spring look came out, so i missed this duo. i couldn't get it out of my mind, so i searched (and found one) on ebay. it contains 4g and i paid about 30$ for it. shipping took quite a long time, but now this baby is finally housing in my drawer ;)
this is one of the two duos NARS released for spring 2011 (the other one is Bateau Îvre, i've shown you photos of it here). it's a really interesting colour combination of a shimmery greyish pastelly lavender shade with microglitters and a rich shimmery olive green with a forest green tinge. the dark shade is less shimmery than the lavender and is definitely the better quality shade in this duo. it's softer and smoother than the lavender shadow, although the grittiness of the light shade is kept to a minimum (compared to what i expexted after reading some reviews) and doesn't irritate my eyes. both shades have a good pigmentation, but the green one goes on more intense and smoother than the purple shade, which i have to build up more. they blend very well together, especially the dark shadow which appears as a dark murky colour but still doesn't lose it's green shade. i don't get fall outs, even not with the grittier lavender eyeshadow. the staying power is good (8h+ without creasing), i like to use a eye base for the lavender shadow to stick to it though.
with this duo, i appreciate the colour combination the most. the intensities and tones of the two shades go beautifully together, although they are colours i wouldn't have primarily thought of combining. a lavender shade, i would have combined with dark purples, dark browns and greys/blacks and a dark olive colour with golds and light taupes and greens, but not lavender in the first place. so thanks to monsieur Nars who put the colours together for my comfort, i won't tend to choose "the lame way" so often anymore :P i'm happy that i still got it, there also are no dupes to this in my stash.

this is how it looks applied:
lavender on the inner half of the lid and the lower lashline, dark green in the outer corner

green shade on the lid and the lower lashline, lavender to blend out above the crease

comparison pictures:
MAC Shale - MAC Hypnotizing - MAC Silverwear (upper left in 6Beauties Play It Cool palette) - NARS Nouveau Monde (2x) - Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird - MAC Humid - MAC Greensmoke
MAC Shale - MAC Hypnotizing - MAC Silverwear - NARS Nouveau Monde (2x) - Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird - MAC Humid - MAC Greensmoke
MAC Shale - MAC Hypnotizing - MAC Silverwear - NARS Nouveau Monde
NARS Nouveau Monde - Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird - MAC Humid - MAC Greensmoke


  1. Gorgeous duo! I swatched this in the store and it was beautiful!

  2. Das Duo gefällt mir auch ausgesprochen gut. Die Farbkombination ist mal was anderes. Sieht auf dem Lid zusammen sehr hübsch aus!
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. It's so beautiful! I wanted this too, kind of, but some things kept me from buying it (availability, rather bad service at Nars counters in Cologne and London, price & previous bad experiences with Nars e/s; the cream e/s and Misfit duo to be precise, I really disliked my whole order :/ )
    However I do like my Orgasm blush, so maybe if Nars is available more easily I will give it another chance to convince me ^^


  4. It's lovely on you! I really had no idea what I would have done with this duo, so thank you for showing us! This will have to go back on my list. :)

  5. I don't own a single NARS eyeshadow duo yet, but actually have been wanting to pick some up for the longest of time! Bad thing is, NARS is not available here where I live.

    Who would think that lilac and that sort of khaki green would look so good together? I like how you applied it on your eyes!

    Btw, your blog made it onto my blogroll!
    Keep up the great work!

  6. @bec: and did you get it? is it still available at the counters? i even don't know if it got permanent as we don't have a nars counter in germany anymore.

    @amelie: ich finde auch, dass die farbkombination sehr spannend ist, außerdem bleiben die e/s farbecht auf dem lid und werden nicht zum neutralen einheitsbrei.

    @2espresso: oh that's too bad, a "bad" order can drive one away from a brand completely! i always google for good pics&swatches&reviews, also i try to read the makeupalley opinions. did you returned the items or sold them?

  7. @joolz: oh that's great!

    @jess: thank you!!! it's my honor to be on your blog! for the nars eyeshadows: they are really nice! i have quite a few now, and there are only a few colours that i don't like (but that's mostly colour-wise because they don't suit me), the quality is very good.

  8. Endlich mal eine Seite wo man gute Swatches von NARS Blushes bekommt! Sehr gelungen, vielen Dank :)

    Auch sonst ist die Seite (was ich so gesehen habe) toll.

    Wo bestellst du deine NARS Sachen denn immer, wenn ich fragen darf? :)

  9. danke plapperliese! die meisten meiner nars sachen habe ich von ausgewählten sellern auf ebay gekauft, manches von hqhair (die sollen wohl nars bald wieder ins sortiment nehmen), manches von kissandmakeupny.com . ist eine parfumerie in nyc.

  10. An Ebay trau ich mich mit NARS ja irgendwie so gar nicht ran...

    Ich hoffe echt, dass hqhair die Sachen wieder einbekommt, das wäre perfekt.

    Ui, die erste die ich mitbekomme die dort bestellt. Ich hab die Seite letzte Woche entdeckt, da waren sie jedoch leider in Osterpause oder so. Nun ist sie seit heute wieder da und ich überlege zu bestellen. :)

    Du hast dort schon öfters bestellt? Wie lange dauerte denn der Versand in der Regel und ist von dort schon etwas beim Zoll hängen geblieben? Was für Auszeichnungen machen die auf das Päckchen? :) Fragen über Fragen, sorry.


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