Apr 30, 2011

Bare Minerals Nude Beach

after this shade has been raved about by LisaLisaD1 and some other of my favourite "haulers" on youtube months and months ago, i definitely wanted to try this shade some time. i always hesitated because the Bare Escentuals (what's their real brand name actually? bare escentuals, bare minerals, i.d. minerals???) products are really pricey for what you get.
the loose mineral eyeshadows cost 14£/13$ for the tiniest amount of only 0.57g.
i ordered the Bare Minerals Nude Beach on lookfantastic.com while they had a sale going on and free delivery, so it was less painful for my budget (i would pay a lot for good stuff, but not if i only get µg-amounts of them!).
as always with lookfantastic, she shipping time was incredibly long. i waited almost 4 weeks for this order from the uk!
this loose eyeshadow comes in a simple sifter jar. Nude Beach belongs to their Glimmer line, which are more sparkly than the Velvet or Glimpse shadows. it's a high shimmer mauvey beige with an almost metallic finish. the texture is rather dry, i guess because it doesn't contain binding ingredients. i would describe it as a glitter/loose shadow-hybrid. so be careful with your application, pressing motions are better than swiping in order to avoid fall outs. a good eyelid primer or cream eyeshadow as a base would also help. on my lids, it's very shiny and glowy and gives a bright awake look. it's not as subtle or dimensional as i have imagined by LisaLisaD1's descriptions and remembers me of MUFE Aqua Cream #13 in its metallic effect.
i didn't have problems with creasing or fading (but that's due to Urban Decay's PP), it didn't get into my eyes and irritate them as well.
this Glimmer is definitely something for fans of highly shimmery eyeshadows, and as i am, i'm a bit curious to try out some more shades...
but in the end i find it too expensive for this little mixture of mica and different pigments and feel that you pay for the brand name and marketing  although they aren't even attractive to me.

Bare Minerals Nude Beach in cloudy lighting
Bare Minerals Nude Beach in sunlight:

this is how it looks applied:


  1. Das sieht echt super schön aus :)
    Abe rich mag die Verpackung nicht, ich habe Puder die so sind, und wenn ich sie irgendwo hin mitnehme ist das ganze Puder auf der Deckelseite :(
    Liebe Grüße

  2. great review! this is such a subtle shade that has a lovely shimmer to it. :)

  3. nice look, nice colors

  4. Great swatches... I really want this color!


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