Apr 28, 2011

Guerlain Ombre Fusion 02 Havana

this is one of 3 new cream eyeshadow shades, the Ombres Fusion by Guerlain which where released with their summer look. they come in lipgloss-like packaging, so when i first saw their promotion pics, i thought: "what weird lipgloss shades! i'll skip them!" (because there is also a pink, that you could really take for a lipgloss).
but as i'm a big fan of cream eyeshadows, i was totally getting those when i knew what they really were.
the tube contains 6ml and costs 28.95€.
the packaging looks similar to Guerlain's KissKiss Glosses, but has a shiny dark maroon top and a bottom part of matte plastic (looked like frosted glass to me from the promotion images). it has a flocked doe foot applicator.
the scent is not as divine as the jasmine scented Sublime Radiant Powder but artificially and plastic-y.
02 Havana is a dark muddy brown with green undertones and because of its name reminds me of the colour of dried tobacco. it has a lot of multicolour shimmers, mainly green, gold and pink. the texture is creamy, it feels quite liquidy-fresh on my lids. the first spreading of the colour is a bit tricky and it seemed to get a bit blotchy and uneven to me, but then blended out surprisingly easy and left an even finish. i think it has to set for a few seconds, then gets very easy to handle when it sets to a thicker, more silicone-y texture before it dries completely. it feels light and non-sticky after it dried.
when it's blended, the peachy gold microglitter becomes most apparent as a beautiful shimmery sheen and makes the colour look more interesting. it sheers out to a rather transparent finish, but can be layered well to a more intense shade without getting too thick (like MUFE Aqua Creams).
it has an excellent staying power on me, applied on its own without a lid primer or powder eye shadow on top it lasted over 10 hours without creasing or fading. i think it would also be a good coloured base for powder eyeshadows, but i prefer to wear it alone.
this one also claims to have a metallic effect (which i don't find) and to be water-resistent (which still has to be verified ;) ). 
i think such long lasting cream eyeshadows are the perfect cosmetic item for summer, they last well, apply quick and easy and look effortless and glowy.
if you want, i could do some comparison swatches. but there are no cream eyeshadow lookalikes in my collection... (i'll have to search for powder eyeshadow similars, maybe TheBalm's All About Alex?)

this is how it looks applied, sadly you can't see the beautiful golden shimmer in the cloudy lighting.
i used Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshado #6 on the lower lashline (review here).

UPDATE: comparison pics!

Guerlain Havana - Benefit Where There's Smoke - The Balm All About Alex - Essence Back To Khaki
Guerlain Havana - Benefit Where There's Smoke - The Balm All About Alex - Essence Back To Khaki


  1. Muss ich haben :D

    Die Farbe steht dir auch super!


  2. Hi,
    I liked the colour and also the concept of liquid eyeshadow.
    Just one doubt, are they water resistant or water proof ?

  3. Looks really beautiful, so I will definitely consider buying one of these shadows!

  4. Oh mein Gott! Der ist sowas von hübsch :)
    Die Farbe und Verpackung sind der Wahnsinn <3
    schade, dass es so teuer ist :(
    Liebe Grüße

  5. die farbe ist ja total hübsch!!!! Steht dir super.

  6. This exact thing is on my wishlist from the collection, I've been into creamshadows a lot lately, as well as one color washes, as well as neutrals.
    I'd find comparisons very interesting, even when not very alike :)

  7. That is such a beautiful colour! I was fascinated reading your description too. I would have definitely thought frosted glass from the pictures I had seen. It's surprising to hear that it's plastic. Thanks for a really thorough review x

  8. What a gorgeous eye! Can you break down your technique for creating this look? I too bought Havana and have only started experimenting with it.


    PS: So glad to have found your blog :-)

  9. again, thank you all for your comments!

    @scent hive: i have tried to make some photos to do a how-to on cream eyeshadows, including the new guerlain ones. i want to post it this weekend or so.

  10. I will look forward to it!



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