Apr 27, 2011

Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder

the Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder is probably the most anticipated item of Guerlain's summer look and definitely a luxury piece at almost 60€. it contains 14.5g, quite a big amount - but is also meant to be used on the body. i ordered mine on douglas.de and used a 5€-off code next to several others for some goodies.

the packaging is very special with this, and i didn't expect it to be less at this price point. it doesn't come with a velvet pouch, though.
it's a dark wooden case with a beautiful pattern on the lid, which really is reminiscent of an antique jewellery case. ideal to decorate your vanity, and definitely a collector's item for Guerlain lovers. the lid has a magnetic closure and holds a big round mirror, it fits perfectly on the bottom part.
the case lays nicely in my hand, i like the soft and warm feel of the wood. it's sturdy and well made.

the powder itself has a beautiful sun-like pattern. the thing that i love the most is its amazing jasmine scent. not a violet scent like all the other Guerlain powder products, but a fantastic strong jasmine smell. i love it! i could sniff it all the time ;)
the center piece is of a warm gold and the outer part is a rosy tan, swirled together it's a shimmery peachy tan shade. both shades have a high shimmer level, but the shimmer is very fine and pearly.  i wouldn't use it as a bronzer on my face as the shimmer is too much, almost frosty when swatched heavily. the effect reminds me of MAC's MSFs, but much softer and finer. it applies evenly and blends out well.
it's beautiful as a blush-highlighter hybrid and gives a golden summery glow, on deeper skin it would be a warm highlighter. it also looks good layered on matte blushes and i can imagine that it'll be great on tanned skin like the cleavage, the shoulders, the legs... and combined with this heavenly scent, hmmm...
i carefully apply it with a duo fibre brush (MAC 187), only in stippling motions to avoid it getting too intense and emphasizing my enlarged pores. using a pore refining primer on the cheek area also helps. if you suffer from very oily skin or don't like a dewy appearance and shimmery blushes, you can easily skip this ;)

Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder in the shadow: center shade - outer shade - swirled together
Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder in sunlight: center shade - outer shade - swirled together
Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder in sunli: center shade - outer shade - swirled together

 this is how it looks applied: i only have Terra Inca on my cheeks here.


  1. Wow it looks so amazing!
    I absolutely love the Design of Guerlain!!
    And with the Terra Inca Collection, they absolutely fullfilled my design fantasies! <3
    It looks so great! I would also use it on my shoulders and legs, I think!

  2. very pretty on you! Oh I was wondering, your beautiful banner - how did you do that?? Lovely! x

  3. @ari: thank you! i'm also in love with guerlain's packagings. always beautiful but classy.

    @gail: thanks! the header: i drew the flowers and the title myself with aquarelle colours on japanese grass paper, then placed the brushes and the lipstick around and photographed it.

  4. Steht dir total gut mal nur mit Bronzer!

  5. Oh! Das ist so ein tolles Teil! Sachde, dass es limitiert ist und keinen matten Bronzer enthält, sonst könnte ich mich vielleicht noch dazu druchringen, soviel Geld dafür auszugeben. Irgendwann vielleicht :(
    Liebe Grüße

  6. It looks incredibly flattering on you!

  7. Steht dir super =)
    Wäre ich nicht solch eine Kalkleiste würde ich ihn mir auch kaufen.

  8. find ich super schön an dir!

    ich bleib lieber blass und bleibe bei pinkem blush ;)

    lg kaddi

  9. thank you all so much! i haven't even noticed that it would suit me extraordinary or so ;) but thanks, i'll wear it more often now ;)


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