Apr 12, 2011

Origins VitaZing

i have been trying the Origins VitaZing for some weeks now. it's marketed as an Energy-Boosting Moisturiser with the zing of vitamin-rich Mangosteen Energy Complex. it has an spf of 15 and is oil free.
i ordered it on douglas.de, it costs 35€ and contains 50ml.

in fact it's a tinted moisturiser with pigment-releasing granules in an initially white cream, like the way some "colour adjusting" foundations (e.g. by Revlon or L'Oreal) and the Estée Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Release moisturiser work.
this is my first product from Origins, i have heard many great things about the brand until now. it's formulated without: parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA, synthetic fragrance, animal ingredients.

click to read the ingredients list.
it comes in a white tube with an orange cap, i find the packaging ok, although it can get a bit messy around the aperture due to the rather thin consistency of the cream.

it smells of a sweet berry scent mixed with sunscreen-scent, a little bit plasticy and artificial.
it comes out as a white cream with lots of small brown granules in it. when you rub it, the granules melt and release the tint.

it blends in smoothly and evenly, leaving no streaks or marks. the texture is rather slippery so a small amount would be enough for the whole face. but of course you could use more product for the desired coverage and tint. initially it feels a little bit greasy on the face, but it sinks in and dries within some minutes to a satin finish with a healthy, skin authentic sheen.
the coverage of course is light, but i find it covers more than the MAC Face&Body or the MUFE Face&Body foundations. i have a lot of redness, a few red zits and some dark break-out marks that would need to be covered. it evens out my skin tone and makes me appear healthy and sunkissed.
the final shade of this tinted moisturiser is very nice, it's rather yellowish-neutral without any orange tones and would probably fit a skin tone around MAC NC25-30 (35?). so it's a little bit too dark for me at the moment, when i apply it, i seem to have a tanned face and a white neck and chest. i will have to wait 'til i tan a bit to use it more. i don't find that it has skin tone adapting quality, but rubbing it out further, it gets lighter than the first quick application.

Origins VitaZing freshly applied next to after 10 minutes. it darkens a minimal bit.

i use my fingers to spread it and need a bit more than what i would use with foundation.
the coverage and tint stays on my face quite well, even though i noticed it fading unremarkebly after about 6 hours. i get a bit oily then, so in fact i need to blot.

no make up AT ALL
only with Origins VitaZing
with Origins VitaZing + MAC MSFN in Medium (and a little bit under eye concealer)

with a powder overtop though (i used the MAC MSFN in Medium), it has a good coverage, a full face foundation appearance. for a no-make up-make up, i don't need the powder. (on the "with powder" pictures it may seem to be too much, but it's also because i have no eye make up and blusher on and the camera conceals a lot of my imperfections in the other pics.)
i haven't seen it improving my skin yet, but to see such benefits, you'd need to use it much longer and more regularly than i did until now. it hasn't irritate my skin or cause me break outs, though.
i think this will be a great thing for summer, with my oily skin i can totally skip the moisturiser, only apply this and a light powder and be ready to go!

no make up AT ALL
with Origins VitaZing + MAC MSFN in Medium (and a little bit under eye concealer)


  1. I recently got this and have only used it once, I find the smell very weird but more on the rancid side, not at all what you describe, and I'm wondering if I didn't get a bad one :(

  2. Ich wollte mir von Vitazing eine Probe holen, aber anscheinend war ich den Verkäuferinnen beim Beck nicht wichtig genug.

    Deshalb hab ich mir dann die Glow Job Lotion von Soap and Glory geholt und teste sie grade.

  3. @musing on beauty: i think it smells a bit like plastic or rubber when you get behind this berry/fruity/sweet smell. i hope yours is fine and we only have a different olfactoric interpretation ;)

    @cream: ich hasse überhebliche verkäufer. mittlerweile kaufe ich lieber im netz, weil ich eh besser weiß, was ich will und bin im laden zu einer überheblichen kundin geworden, was mir eigentlich leid tut, aber zahlreiche negativ-erfahrungen waren mein lehrer.


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