Apr 4, 2011

FOTD Artdeco aqua pearly eye make up + Rouge Bunny Rouge.

a more colourful and mermaid-y eye look. i thought it would get out of my comfort zone at first, but it turned out quite soft and wearable.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Liquid Foundation in Almond Milk Parfait + BeautyBlender
Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Orpheline + Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Brush #02
NARS Bronzer Multiple in Cap Vert + Sigma F84
Manhattan Wake Up concealer + Shiseido brow pencil GY901 + Alverde brow gel + Shu Uemura lash curler + Catrice Lashes To Kill Ultra Black mascara + L'Oreal Super Liner
Rouge Bunny Rouge Cream Shadow in Atlas Swallowtail as base with Sigma ss217 + Artdeco #57 with MAC 242 in inner third of the lid + Artdeco #263 with MAC 242 in outer corner of lower lashline + Artdeco #12 with Essence Smokey Eyes brush in outer parts of the lid and inner half of lower lashline
Manhattan Water Flash Lipgloss in 59B

what do you think? how do you combine aqua or turquoise eyeshadows into your eye make up?


  1. It looks soooo wonderful! The first pic is very sweet :)

  2. Zum Niederknien siehst Du aus!

    Toller Teint!
    Und endlich noch ein RBR-Fan ;-)

  3. So pretty!
    Do you have a review of the RBR foundation? I searched but didn't find one and I'd be really interested!
    Thanks :)

  4. Lovely look, I wish I was better at applying my top liner. I can never seem to get it the same on both eyes! x

  5. Very pretty look!
    Atlas swallowtail is my latest acquisition from RBR and I absolutely love it. Orpheline looks really nice on you...
    @Musing On Beauty: try Londonmakeupgirl, I'm sure she has posted a review of the foundation.


  6. sieht doch sehr dezent und alltagstauglich aus:) sehr schön:)

  7. thank you all!!

    @musing on beauty: i just published the review post for the rbr foundation yesterday ;)


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