Jun 6, 2011

what i loved in april&may 2011.

my third favourites of the month(s) post - i feel like i did one each season ;) the last few months have been really boring eye make up wise for me, i only did minimal variations of a one-colour-all-over-look most of the time. another constant is my ever growing blush addiction which recently goes along with an affection for bronzers. despite the boring routine there still are many great products that i'm in love with and am overly happy to own!

i've been trying hair oils in the last 2 months and am very pleased with the result! i have been playing with the Orofluido and Moroccanoil but still am curious about some other brands (like the Elixir Ultime by Kérastase...) - i will give both products a proper review soon when i figure out how to do good hair-photographs.

i'm having a true skin nightmare the last month - it's breaking out like hell, red like a boiled lobster, is super super sensitive, is aching and looking just like sh*t. that maybe is my punishment for doing so many skin care experiments (i will talk about those later), but maybe my hormones are just super crazy this month (without a reason! ;)) or it's the weather changing. you can't really tell how bad my skin looks under my foundation but i'm also too ashamed to show this mess to the world :)
so i have often used the La Roche Posay Cicaplast as a protecting layer under my make up or just as protecting cream. it creates a smooth surface 'cause it's quite siliconey and helps your skin to calm down and soothe itself. some even use it as a skin smoothing primer - which is the extra benefit of its siliconey texture. fortunately it doesn't make my foundation slip like i have feared - i guess the "like to like"-theory fits here (plus my skin is sort of drier and more thirsty in the last weeks so it was happy about every extra moisture).
it helps with dry flaky patches and is the only cream that helps with a dry patch on my back - no other cream (even petrolatum-based, urea creams or lanolin creams) could deal with it for half a day.
it's fairly affordable at ~7.50€ for 40ml and is available in pharmacies.

for foundation i really enjoyed the Vichy Aera Teint Pure liquid make up (i have it in shade 23) since it's light but has a beautiful coverage and finish and feels very moisturising for my damaged skin.
as always i'm applying it with the BeautyBlender sponge. this one is my first piece (i use it constantly since last november) and it's still going strong although already has washed out a lot of colour and suffers from a few nail-marks ;)
if you have problems with washing out foundation stains (esp. of long lasting foundations) from your BeautyBlender but also foundation brushes, try my shower oil method - it gets everything out. really.

for my setting powder, nothing beats the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre (i love it in 20 Clair better than 50 Pêche). it creates the most smooth and soft focus finish without being matte but still keeps a subtle radiance. i love it. i thought one could never finish the 30g that's in there, but i know although i own so many powders i will finish this baby within one year. i should be feeling a fear of loss...
my favourite powder brush of the last months has been the A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Powder Brush - it's heavenly soft and glides every powder on my skin sooo nicely!!!

i have recently re-discovered face fixing sprays and i like the P2 Perfect Face Make Up Fixing Spray. it's reasonably priced but really works, it holds my make up in place very well through the warm weather and even prevents me from getting those horrible sunglass-marks ('cause my nose is so flat that big shades would touch my cheeks when i speak and laugh).

MAC's Copperplate eyeshadow used as brow powder with Louise Young LY30 Brow Brush creates the best look for my eyebrows. although i also love my Shiseido Brow Pencil in GY901, if i have time i always do them with Copperplate. it has the perfect ashy grey shade for me and the Matte² texture is just perfection.
i always apply a clear brow gel over it to get a natural look (your brow hair is naturally shiny), my product of choice is by Alverde since it's not too sticky and wet and glossy but brushes my brows in place.

like i have already told you, i started to wear bronzer in the last months. with the right tools and good products, the effect is very nice and not at all bad like i always imagined (those super pale transforming fried chicken girls make me cringe). take a look at my bronzer comparison.
i especially loved the Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream with my Paula Dorf Powder Brush, another perfect combination is the Dior Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora and Trish McEvoy's #37 Bronzer Brush. i love the warmth those two powders create on me. both have excellent textures, while the Edward Bess is bronzing the Dior makes me look warm and fresh.

as blushes i enjoyed glowy peachy shades the past weeks, especially the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush and NARS Luster (which i will introduce to you soon).
my favourite blush brush was the A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Blush Brush. soft and gliding on my skin this brush creates the most sheer and smooth wash of colour on my cheeks and never makes my blushes get and look powdery.

for my eyes i constantly used MAC's Pigment in Mauvement so i guess it's my most favourite product of the month. it's a great mauvy bronze with complex shimmers.
the other products are from the same colour family: Guerlain Ombre Fusion cream eyeshadow in Havana from their summer look is a khaki taupe with gold microglitter and Chanel Stylo Yeux in Rose Platine from the Chanel summer look is a gold/peachy taupe which i like to use on the lower lashline to add some brightness.

my favourite eye brushes were the MAC 242 and Paula Dorf Eye Glimmer Brush - nothing packs on colour such intense like sable hair.
the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush quickly became my favourite eye blending brush. it blends everything so easily and beautifully!

for my fingers and toes, those were my favourite shades: corals for the fingernails like Becca's Tangerine Dreams (an orangey coral) and Manhattan 53U (a pinky coral) and a gold shimmering frankenpolish with a pinky peach base shade for the toes - so summery!

i hope the next months will be much more exciting in the make up department for me ;) as i will finish my internship in only 2 weeks and a lot of great things (esp. brushes!!! and NARS) have arrived or are on their way to me. i'm looking forward to do creative and complex make ups as well as wearing lip stuff and nail polishes much more often. (you noticed there wasn't one lip product that i loved?)

what did you love?


  1. I'm loving Dior Aurora and Edward Bess Daydream bronzers right now as well! I'm really intrigued by the Guerlain creme eyeshadows too.

  2. I love the last picture, the frankenpolish. Recipe?

  3. I totally agree about the how good the EB luxury eye brush is for blending, it really gives that smokey edged look!

  4. Just picked up some Edward Bess products and loving the Eye Brush too! May need to try the bronzer!

  5. You make me want to drive down to my MAC store and buy that pigment. I don't own any of their pigments but that color just struck me! My favorite for May was LMDB eye lash curler that I used everyday and my concealer brush by them!

  6. Cicaplast gehört auch seit Monaten immer wieder zu meinen Topfavoriten. Einfach ein rundum gelungenes Produkt.
    Die Vichy Foundation würde ich so gerne verwenden, ich hatte mal eine Probe davon und muss gestehen ich war von Textur und Deckkraft begeistert. Doch leider gibt es das Produkt in keiner hellen Nuance, welche für mich passend wäre :o(
    Da du über ein sehr reichhaltiges Sortiment an Foundations verfügst und so einen guten Überblick über die diversen Produkte hast, wollte ich fragen ob du evtl. eine Empfehlung für die am längsten haltende Foundation unter sommerlichen Bedingungen aussprechen könntest. Auch gerne einen Mix aus zwei Produkten, denn damit bin ich bereits auch oft gut gefahren.

  7. Schöne Sachen, ich sehe viele gemeinsame Lieblingsprodukte:) Nur mit dem Luster weiß ich irgendwie nichts anzufangen, finde ihn an mir irgendwie langweilig, obwohl ich meine vielen anderen Narsies liebe, hm.

  8. I'm using the MoroccanOil too and yes the results are great!

  9. @periouslypale: give me five ;) about the guerlain cream shadows: you should try them first. i heard many people having problems with those but i really like them for their beautiful sparkly shimmer. i recommend using a mac 217-type brush with these.

    @marox79: sorry girl i don't have a recipe for you. it was some frank i did over a year ago when i wanted to dupe the NARS Orgasm polish but never used it (because i found it too shimmery) until last month.

    @babyinacorner: yes! the more i use it, the more i love it!

    @productdoctor: congratulations on your new EB gems! you really should try the bronzer also, it has a fantastic texture and i looove the scent.

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: unfortunately that pigment was a limited edition but i'm sure that you could still find it at some cco (you lucky guys at least have those over there). it's a very very pretty colour although a bit flaky - the shimmer is very complex and the shade is perfect for me, not too cool, not too warm. and i'm so jealous of you having access to lmdb! the stuff is even rare on evilbay :(

    @aureolis: ich hab cicaplast anfangs nur am körper verwendet gegen trockene stellen und war etwas unsicher ob der verwendung im gesicht da ich angst hatte mir würden die poren verstopft von der geballten silikonmenge. da ich aber so einen schlimmen break-out hatte hab ich mir gedacht: schlimmer geht's nimmer! und brauchte einfach nur 'ne schutzschicht gegen alles. ich bin glücklich dass es so gut funktioniert!
    ich bin mit der vichy zur zeit sehr glücklich. wirklich schade dass gerade eine apothekenmarke, die produkte für empfindliche haut herstellt, nicht auch sehr helle häute versorgt (die oft genug zu den empfindlichen zählt).
    für den sommer mag ich gerne die sonnenfoundation von shiseido (die flüssige). ist sehr flüssig, hat aber ordentliche deckkraft und sonnenschutz. und ist sehr langhaftend und reibfest. einzig die töne sind hier ein problem. sp40 habe ich, die ist eher gelb und liegt zw. nc20-25 bei mac, tendenz 20. dann hab ich noch den ton sp30, der leider nicht mehr in dtl vertrieben wird aber sehr hell und eher pinkstichig ist (so nw15-20) - ist bei mir im blogsale.
    ansonsten findest du die hellen töne dieser foundation sicher auch bei ebay.

    @belle: danke! also luster find ich wunderschön - er sieht wirklich etwas langweilig aus im pan aber der goldschimmer ist eine stufe schöner noch als orgasm und konsorten und glücklicherweise hat er auch einen pfirsisch/pink-stich bei mir, was ihn etwas duochromy macht.

    @the beauty codes:yes - i hesitated to confirm but it's really a great product. never thought it would work on my fine hair.


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