Jun 15, 2011

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Mirage

the Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Mirage is my fourth EB eyeshadow and was ordered along with the colour "Storm" on zuneta.com in early end of april/early may. it's one of the two newer shades to the permanent range (the other was Storm) with a slightly different packaging than the older eyeshadows (see comparisons below). all in all i liked the old packaging a lot better, it looked and felt much higher in quality. for example the thick suede pouch is now a standard velvet pouch, the compact is thinner in material (and a bit bigger than before) and i also liked the embossed brand name on the lid a lot better than the actual plain print. however, they remained the same price and amount and the Storm shade had a really good quality.
EB eyeshadows cost 22£/25.95€ for 2g and are available on zuneta.com for europe (i've heard that selected cosmeticians in germany also stock them for their studios - do you know more about this? or have you even seen them live?). 
so i've waited so long to review Mirage because i felt a bit uncertain about it and needed to test it further to assure my impressions.
Mirage is a peachy cream shades with golden hues. it has a lot of fine white shimmer and applies rather sheer and is probably the most shimmery shade out of the 8 that Edward Bess is offering (at least it's the most shimmery out of my 4). although it's so shimmery Mirage still doesn't have a frosty or metallic finish but looks very "fairy-like". it gives my lids a bright and polished look and could be worn with a brown eyeliner as an shimmery but understated bright eye look.

still, i have to state that i'm not a fan of its texture. it's dry and tends to be quite flaky and is not nearly as fine and silky as my other eyeshadows by Edward Bess. hence it also doesn't apply as nicely and there is a bit of fall out because it simply doesn't adhere too well on my lids initially. after blending a bit the glowy shimmer effect unfolds, but until then i don't have the feeling of working with an expensive and high quality product. if you have sensitive eyes and/or wear contact lenses, the flaking issue may be problematic for you.
it lasts an average time on me without creasing or fading when worn over a good eye primer. all in all a pretty effect but this eyeshadow is not worth its money.

 new packaging - old packaging

this is how it looks worn:

for this look i used EB eyeshadow in Dusk as a soft eyeliner along the upper lashline.

MAC Honesty - MAC All That Glitters - Edward Bess Mirage - Make Up For Ever #306 Beige Diamant
MAC Honesty - MAC All That Glitters - Edward Bess Mirage - Make Up For Ever #306 Beige Diamant


  1. Sehr schöner, dezenter Farbton. Allerdings wirkt die Farbe im Pfännchen viel intensiver als auftragen auf der Haut.

  2. Great review! For whatever reason I've never had any desire to try the two new shades. I have Dusk, Intimate, and Escape and adore them all but the new packaging and shades don't appeal to me at all.

  3. I have four of his original eyeshadows, and I bought Storm, and I agree 200% with your conclusion. I am unhappy with *all* products in the new packaging (blush, eyeshadow trios, single eyeshadow, lipstick, lip gloss, etc.). The quality of both product and packaging has noticeably decreased, and I won't be buying more of it. LOVE his original items, though.

  4. I'm going to pass on this shade after reading another review on it today. I think the color is too golden peach for my liking and I want to try his older colors with the original packaging. Thanks for the review!

  5. @principessa constanze: ja, es ist eher ein transparenter effekt, kann aber auch daran liegen, weil er sich so gut mit dem gelben unterton meiner haut vereint.

    @perilouslypale: oh i really want to try the escape shade!

    @zuzu's petals: do you know if they will re-package everything or is it only the "new" products? somehow i have the feeling and fear that all of them will decrease in quality (also my eye brush didn't came in this box like it used to by seeing all the reviews...). that would be too sad. money (in this case: profit) rules :(

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: yes, i think you'll be pleased with the old packaging eyeshadows!

  6. that is such a lovely brightening shade :)


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