Jun 23, 2011

MAC Rose Gold Pigment

today i want to show you one of many gold eyeshadow orders that recently arrived me. yes, i just want to show it to you. i know nothing about it, except it being beautiful, magnificent, wonderful.
well, it seems to be a Pro pigment, one of the metal kind. i don't know if it's still available, though.
i saw a swatch of it on my online-search for the perfect gold eyeshadow a.k.a. hunting down a NARS Etrusque dupe ( uhm ... i have purchased the original in the meantime ;) ) and instantly looked up my usual MAC-sources (wholesellers mainly since i know this product is not in their permanent a-line) for it. luckily i found someone who sold samples of this on ebay where i purchased two to try.
Rose Gold is a bronzed dark gold with the tiniest ashy tint and a hint more reddish than a classic 24 karat gold. it's sooo my colour these days, i already love it and could swatch and look at it all the time, but i have to hold back since i only own such a little amount.
it's a really finely milled, smooth pigment that adheres well to the skin and is very opaque. it applies evenly, is metallic when applied more heavily and shimmery when blended out. it blends out well without fall outs or blotchy-ness and lasts all day.
on the lid it's a more rich true gold than rose gold, but still is a very wearable gold for me.
if you know where i can purchase a full size of this, please tell me! or do i only need to call up the pro store?
i like to wear it as all over gold eye or as a inner corner colour or on the center of the lid in smokey eye looks. love.

here some swatch-spam to show you my love...

this is how it looks worn, over MAC Chilled On Ice Paint Pot (review here) and with Chanel Rose Platine eyeliner (review here) on the lower lashline. and black liner, of course.


  1. This is a lovely muted gold, it looks quite wearable!

  2. This looks such a beautiful colour! I also love the shape of your liner! x

  3. Oh my gosh, I want this! That is so pretty. You've really inspired me to go to my local MAC pro store and buy a pigment, lol! Great review!

  4. Ich habe das Pigment, benutze es aber viel zu selten, dabei ist es so hübsch, was mir dein Post gerade noch mal ganz deutlich gemacht hat <3
    Es ist auf jeden Fall aus dem Pro Sortiment und ich meine es ist auch noch nicht dc kann mich aber auch täuschen ^^°

  5. Pretty! :) Makes me want to go jewelry shopping.

  6. thank you everybody!

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: ;) i want to see pictures!

    @lalaith: oh, ich glaub ich sollte dann mal den pro-store anklingeln... das sind ja fantastische neuigkeiten!


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