Jun 26, 2011

NARS Etrusque - oh i wanted you soo much!!!

in my gold-eyeshadows-craziness of the last weeks multiple times i went raptures about NARS Etrusque eyeshadow ... how i regretted not to get it when it was released last holiday season, how it would be such a beautiful rich gold that surely won't pull orange on me, how i bought soo many possible dupes for it, only because i couldn't find it anywhere online. but the solution was just right next to me - i was searching too hastily and didn't recognise that i had to look up the "shimmery" eyeshadows on the official NARS online store and only didn't find it on the first page (which only included matte eyeshadows) - again thank you Lena for informing me! i don't know if it's now part of the permanent range, though, since it's not available anywhere else than on the official site and may be is the remaining stock.
so i bit the bullet and ordered from the narscosmetics.eu online shop (where everything is quite a lot more expensive than buying from the uk on hqhair.com with some voucher codes...) - i paid 24€ for this little sucker and 8€ more for shipping. so 32€ for a single eyeshadow is a real big chunk so this better meet my expectations!
it came really quickly within 3 days or so and was packaged rather impressively secure.

the rest of the packaging is kind of self-explanatory, a small rubberized compact with a mirror. it contains 2.2g.

the feeling of finally opening it was great, of course. it's already so beautiful in the pan - a rich true 24kt gold with some bronze hues. i looked at it in awe for quite a while before i could dare to touch the surface haha
it has a fine and soft texture and is highly pigmented. i am really impressed that it's not of the foil-like metallic gold type (like those i even had in my eyeshadow palettes from Zoeva or Coastal Scents) but is a shimmery, luminous, dimensional gold . it applies evenly and intense without fall outs and blends out beautifully. luckily it really doesn't pull orange on me and wears all day without creasing. it's so shimmery and light catching, it meets all my expectations and i just love love love it. i've been wearing it in every recent eye make up - i think this is my most exciting purchase in a looong time.

look #1 smokey&gold

smokey eyes with NARS Brousse eyeshadow duo and NARS Etrusque in the inner half of upper&lower lid,  black liner

look #2 - warm chocolate brown & gold

NARS Etrusque in the inner 2/3 of upper lid and inner 1/3 of lower lashline, NARS Galapagos (from the Essential Eye palette) in the outer V, MAC Vanilla Pigment to blend out, Chanel Rose Platine eyeliner on the lower lashline with NARS Etrusque slightly dabbed over it, upper lashline with smudged out Essence Gel Liner in London Baby.

look #3 gold & bronze & teal

NARS Etrusque on the inner half of the lid and inner third of lower lashline, Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow #6 in outer parts, MAC Vanilla Pigment to blend out, Chanel Rose Platine on lower lashline, Max Factor Metallic Turquoise liquid liner


  1. Wow, now I want to have it, too!Haha!Maybe HqHair will restock this?What do you think? I could wait if it would then be a bit cheaper..

    love love LOVE the second look, especially the blush-eyeshadow combination, really well done honey=)

    Oh, and I have a request..sorry if I´m being presuming, maybe I´m not in the position of asking that, but could you change the "Schriftart"? I don´t know if it´s just me, but I find it really hard to read, it´s so thin..

    LG VanessaJolanda

  2. hi vanessa jolanda
    thank you for your kind words!
    i don't know if hqhair will restock on this some time - this is also the reason why i didn't want to wait any longer. i know it would be a LOT more affordable then.
    with the font: i'm testing out a bit, i'm still unsure about it. although i like it i also find that it's a bit hard to read. i'll try to adjust in size and text colour to improve it but i maybe change it back to normal if this doesn't help.
    but thank you so much for this feedback - it helps a lot!


  3. Oh wow - wunderschön *haben-will* ;)!
    Alle 3 AMU's sehen übrigens hübsch aus.

  4. Gorgeous gold shade. Glad it was worth the wait.

  5. Wonderful colour!
    I like Gold so much!

  6. Na endlich hast du deinen "Schatz"! : D Wieviele Dupes hast du gleich noch im Laufe dieser Zeit aufgetrieben? (;

    Bin übrigens auch absolut kein Fan der Schriftart - nicht so schön für die Äuglein. Mein Votum für eine simple, klassische Schrift reiche ich hiermit ein.

  7. thank you all!
    @mementomori: ich schätze es auf ein dutzend...
    wg der schriftart: meinst du die der überschriften oder des textes?

  8. Mannmannmann, so viel Dankbarkeit für so wenig Aufwand von mir... Du freust Dich mal wirklich über den e/s ;o) Schön, wenn ich mal was zurückgeben konnte, denn Du hast mir mit Deinem tollen blog (reviews & swatches und diverse anfixereien) schon so häufig weitergeholfen!!
    LG. Lena

  9. Ich meine die Schrift des Haupttextes.

  10. ah, ok. die andere schrift find ich nämlich auch schwer zu lesen haha. aber hübsch.
    ich probier dann mal was anderes.

  11. Etrusque looks AMAZING!! I love, love, love look #1 :) The only NARS eyeshadows I have are in the Pleasure of Paris palette, but I think I need to get some more now!

  12. Can you do a comparison post of all your gold eyeshadows?

  13. thanks tiffany!!

    @anonymous: of course i will do that! i have accumulated and am awaiting quite a few gold eyeshadows that i will first introduce seperately but i'm saving the best for last: the big gold eyeshadow-showdown ;)


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