Jun 1, 2011

Edward Bess Platinum Concealer

yes, one more product from Edward Bess i caved in after reading overwhelming reviews of - the Platinum Concealer.
i was a bit curious about it and since i ordered some Becca on zuneta.com and was searching for an extra treat to get pass the 65£ for free delivery anyway, so i browsed through some reviews for this product. and then i read the magic words that made me buy it right away: some women on makeupalley.com described it to be even superior to the concealer by Clé de Peau, an ultra-luxurious highest end subsidiary brand of Shiseido which i can't really get hold of (due to price and availability ;)).
so far i am happy with my favourite concealer, the Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer in Pearl, but you know a beauty-lover is always open to any new holy-grail-aspirants.
the Platinum Concealer by Edward Bess contains 4.3g and costs 30£/~35.40€. i bought it in the second lightest shade, Soft Beige which is their bestselling shade for fair to medium skin tones (there are only 4 different shades available i think). luckily, Soft Beige is a real good match for my skin tone.

this is what is said about the product on zuneta.com:
"These concealers come in a clever little magnetic tube, ensuring that they click closed easily. The formula is soft and blendable, making it easy to apply with your finger.
All the shades are neutral/yellow based so that they counteract any redness you may have with your blemishes. They also cancel out any darkness from the under eye area.
This is what Edward says about his concealers:
'Ultra smooth, lightweight finish conceals to perfection. Fades away discolorations and brightens dark undereye circles for the look of flawless skin. Sleek, twist-up case provides precise application'."

it's a small metal cylindrical tube with a great magnetic closure and houses the concealer stick. it's really just a plain cutted stick - no lipstick- or anykind rounded shape (like the most concealer sticks i know. the old version of the Hourglass concealer is also rounded at the top. this is not even slanted like some other concealers. plain cut.) - which is not suitable for direct application.
Edward Bess recommends to take the product from the stick with your fingers and then pat it on your under eye circles and other blemishes. the warmth of your fingers can help the concealer to melt into your skin better.
however, i prefer to use a brush with my concealer because i find it more hygienical (weird, i know - if you wash your hands before make up application, there is no problem at all if you only put it on yourself) and i don't want to go wash my hands inbetween my make up routine - i'm to lazy for that extra minute. you probably know my brush of choice would be one of my stubby thick round Hakuhodo brushes (the 212 Highlighting Brush or the B214BkSL).
this concealer has a good medium-high pigmentation and coverage so it feels light on my skin because i only need the smallest amount. it is drier in consistency than my Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer which is creamier and thicker but also has a more creamy and moist finish. the finish of the Edward Bess Platinum Concealer i would describe as satin-matte. if you have dry skin or dry under eyes, you should choose another concealer or at least use a good eye cream underneath.
it looks a bit powdery in comparison, but applies very smoothly and evenly. it blends easily and brightens up my under eyes really well thanks to the honey gold undertones.
also this concealer stays put for a long time - it doesn't crease into fine lines around the eyes because you only need a thin layer and the product is not so creamy that it would creep away. of course i still get a tiny bit of creasing in my natural under eye laughing lines, but in that case it comes from excess product that i only need to sweep away once then i'd be fine for the whole day.
i don't often do this, but i also like it to conceal blemishes. the rather dry and light texture is great for that.

since i always go for an almost moist look for my under eye area (whenever i do under eye concealer) like you have just put on your eye cream, i would rather layer this with the Manhattan Wake Up Concealer on top which is just perfect for this purpose (it's thin and watery with a very sheer coverage but leaves a sheen and brightens with light reflecting particles). i don't suffer from extremely dark under eye circles so i can't really say if it could conceal everything, but for me this combination is perfect - not greasy and not too thick, just healthy natural bright under eyes.
try it if you have the time for concealer-layering, the Wake Up Concealer is very affordable and is a great partner for many other concealers (i've shown you that technique in combination with the Hourglass concealer here).
all in all it's a good multipurpose concealer. i would've liked it even better if it would give me my desired finish in one step - but maybe you can't have it all.


here you can see it in comparison to the Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer and in size-comparison to a common lipstick tube.
Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer - Edward Bess Platinum Concealer - Chanel Rouge Coco tube
Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer - Edward Bess Platinum Concealer

i'm sorry that i can't serve with before and after photos, i tried it several times but it never looked right. i promise that i will edit this post soon with good "how it looks worn"-pictures!


  1. You are far braver than me to order a concealer online, I'm happy it worked out for you! I had to chuckle when you were justifying this purchase to reach the minimum requirement for free shipping - oh the things we will say to ourselves. I'm the same way - I'm hopeless. ;) I still want to try out the Clea De Peau concealer just to see what all the hype is about - someday!

  2. My undereye circles are a big problem for me, so I went ahead and got the cle de peau! It is the best concealer I have ever used, doesn't create miracles but covers well, and doesn't crease!

  3. I'm glad to hear this is good for blemishes! I might have to suck it up and order this!

  4. @hopelessly devoted to makeup: i'm quite ruthless when it comes to onlineshopping! but also because the exciting brands you can't get in germany :( i even buy my foundations sight unseen on the net - of course always after a lot of research. and luckily until now everything went right. one more hopeless right here :P

    @productdoctor: hmmm do you want to lure me in or what? ;)

    luv2smilexo: yes, my skin is quite horrible right now and i'm glad that i have this! but on the drugstore market, the maybelline dream mousse concealer is also very good for blemishes.

  5. I agree this is good for spots. Some people say it creases on them, but it doesn't on me. It works really well in that spot between eyes and bridge of nose where it gets dark. I have it in Nude Ivory and Soft Beige, and I like Soft Beige better, even though it's a little dark for me. This is a very good concealer, and I have tried bazillions. I am glad it worked so well for you!


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