Jun 14, 2011

Burberry Light Glow in No. 08 Misty Blush

maybe you remember me mentioning that i put an order again after i received the Burberry Beauty Brush because i was so blown away how quick they delivered. i'm crazy. but i'm also crazy about blushes, so it's balanced out haha.
after studying the posts on Burberry Beauty by Sabrina from The Beauty Look i chose two shades - her blog is always the most helpful for me! one of them being No. 08 Misty Blush. it's one of three new shades that were released this spring as permanent additions to Burberry's range (which now includes 8 shades).
again, it arrived quickly via UPS as an express delivery (that's normally charged with 20€ but at that time luckily was for free).
for only two blushes, i received a huuge box, in it a big gift bag (and again, the invoice came in its own classy envelope hehehe) - luxury begins with unpacking, huh? one could think i bought a trench coat seeing that massive bag ;)
the blush has a velvet pouch with the signature Nova Check pattern, which is also engraved in the lid of the compact and embossed in the powder itself. it houses in a square metallic looking (plastic being) reflective pewter compact with magnetic closure. i somewhat dislike the packaging because you can't open it more than about 95° - i find that very uncomfortable and think that the lid always holds off the light making the blush appearing darker and uninviting.
it includes a flat angled brush that is made of soft natural hair. very usable but i can't think of any occasion being without my beloved brushes ;)
the powder smells very perfume-y, a strong powdery sweet and clean scent - not for everyone. i'm not a fan but i can bear with it.
Misty is a matte light cool toned pink. i have to admit that i was a bit disappointed when i first saw & swatched it (since it reminded me of some pale pink blushes i already own), but it quickly won my heart because applied, it shows its real quality with a brilliant texture. it's not too soft and powdery but very fine and velvety smooth. the matte texture is one of the best mattes i have encountered until today, not chalky at all but satiny and soft looking. it really evens out your skin and conceals enlarged pores and unevenness on the cheek area, creating a porcellain-skin. i really love such beautifying matte textures which are also found with the Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats blushes and (although not as intense) in NARS' matte blushes. it has a medium pigmentation and applies and blends evenly.
the colour warms up a tiny bit on my skin and creates a soft pink glow on me without visible shimmer, but as the finish is so subtle, i could easily wear an additional highlighting product without looking too shiny. it lasts all day on me although it gets more and more "natural looking" throughout the day when it melts with my skin oils and appears less cool toned. altogether a very beautiful blush for the texture although the colour is not very unique. and the packaging is odd.
Burberry blushes contain 7g and cost 38€. they're available on burberry.com.

this is how it looks worn (i combined it with a soft contour powder here)

Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats in Rosée du Printemps - Cargo Catalina - Burberry Misty Blush - MAC Well Dressed
Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats in Rosée du Printemps - Cargo Catalina - Burberry Misty Blush - MAC Well Dressed
out of these 4, Burberry Misty is the most mauvey and has the best texture. period.


  1. That is really pretty on you!! I wish I could get access to Burberry easier!

  2. Do you know if Le Metier de Beauté is sold in Germany?

  3. Och, das Design ist so wunderschön!

    Ich mag immer deine Posts lesen, da du dir so viel Mühe gibst! :) Richig klasse, weiter so!

    Liebe Grüße

  4. You look lovely! The packaging and design looks exquisite (as it should at those prices ;D) but I agree, I don't like compacts that don't open at least 100 degrees. It feels awkward to look into IMO.

  5. Very pretty! I love all the swatches, they all look so similar.

  6. Betidul blush!!! I wanted to let u know that you might want to check out my latest blog post!!! :) you will love it! ;)

  7. it looks so luxurious with the nice packaging

  8. I have a blush coming my way too thanks in part to these fantastic posts you have done highlighting their great packaging! Is it wrong that I'm just as excited for the gift bag and envelope as for the blush itself? I am getting Cameo, but that blush looks great on you - nice and delicate!

  9. @perilously pale: i don't have any opportunity to see them in real, too and have to rely on internet swatches and reviews. but that's also the exciting part to me, to buy stuff we mostly only hear of here in germany.

    @flyavsted: it sounds so unlikely to me that i haven't even looked it up. but i guess no. if yes, then only in some private super chic cosmetic studio where they sell it twice the prize and no one knows.

    @femme: danke für dein liebes feedback!!!!

    @cecilia: yes, you know what i mean! it's so annoying. everything else is great, but it seems like they haven't really opened and used it themselves or what?

    @JC: haha, yes, it's only that tad bit of a difference which makes us beauty junkies justify buying and owning all of these ;)

    @laurajean396: thank you so much for thinking of me! you have such a nice blog. i will come back to this when i have some time. thanks!!!

    @blumenband: yes, it looks very luxurious but i find it quite uncomfortable to use because it doesn't open up very widely.

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: i think you will love the texture. i'm thinking about getting blossom or tangerine...


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