Jun 24, 2011

oh my god i killed my Edward Bess Brush :((((( !!!! - see how i've revived it, though.

oh noooo!!!!!! look how badly i've broken my beloved Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush :*( it was one of my favourite eye brushes, i really loved it (click here to see the review and its appearance in my favourites)...
i initially wanted to photograph my tools and stuff of a FOTD and threw all of it onto my bed. when i then crawled over my bed to collect them altogether to bring onto my windowsill i cracked something with my knee, and almost collapsed when i recognized that it was this brush. i think it rolled under my bedspread since i didn't see it at all. i could've cried when i saw that it was totally cracked and since the handle was made of metal, i could not even glue it :(((((((( and only taping it would not provide enough stability.
why must this happen to me? why on earth this brush and not the cheapo lip brush that just laid next to it? :(((

but then the craftsman awaked in me since i couldn't bear another 38€ for this brush - if i wanted to achieve full stability in the handle i would have to put something like a wood plug between the two parts. and since my asian household is also known as  "arsenal for all kinds of chopsticks", the idea quickly came to use them as my wood plug. so after few minutes of trying which version would fit the most, i came up with these "tools"...

so for everyone who has accidentally broken their Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush and lives in an asian chopstick-arsenal - this is what you'll need to fix it:
  • a chopstick, best is the bamboo conical type - the round shape fits tightly inside the handle&ferrule of the brush
  • a bread knife. or a small wood saw if you're more of a craftsman than i am.
  • black super tape. 
first, i sawed a piece off of my chopstick, only to see that it was still too thick. then i chose the middle part of the chopstick and it fitted tightly but was too long (the handle of the brush is not hollowed over the full length), and i needed to saw a bit off, but then it was perfect.

i still needed to secure the junction and used a small stripe of the super tape (this has the fabric in it so it's super durable).

so that's the finished result...

of course it's not as nice as before but it's very sturdy. now i have to be even more careful with washing it. i hope it will survive a long time. but i must admit that it really bugs me and i will purchase a replacement when i have a larger budget.  for the moment it's the best it can get.

i'm sure none of us haven't once broken a make up product ... what about you? what was your most painful make-up-accident?


  1. Poor, poor brush! You are quite the MacGyver!

  2. Noooooooo! My heart breaks for you, but you did an amazing patch up job. I am very impressed!

  3. Poor brush! I'm glad you were able to put it back together.
    I think I saw a video or read about someone who accidentally broke a brush and replaced the handle by attaching the ferrule to that of another brush which happened to have the same diameter.

  4. ooooooooooooh so ein mist, ich fühle mit dir! ich finde aber du hast das mit der reparatur super hinbekommen^!

  5. Oh my god!that's scary!At least you made it work!

  6. wow..nicht schlecht, ich wäre nie auf die Idee mit dem Stäbchen gekommen :D Mir is sowas nur mal mit Lippenstiften passiert.., aber ich kann die doch nicht zusammen kleben oder ein stäbchen/zahnstocher dadurch stecken :D

  7. I think I gasped when I read the title of this post. I really love that brush so feel your pain.
    Thats clever how you fixed it, I think I would have probably just put cellotape round it but I'm not good with mending things x

  8. Poor brush, you fixed it up a treat though. I love ingenuity and really like to fix things whenever I can. I'm wracking my brains for my worst incident, I wonder if it's yet to come! Eek! x

  9. Very clever solution! I never would have thought of that! We have a lot of random tools in the house so I probably would have soldered it. Then I would have gotten tired of the lack of smoothness in the handle and just replaced it. .w. I'm picky like that.

  10. I'm so sorry you broke your brush. I think you did a terrific repair job however. I hope the brush lasts you a lot longer now and I totally can relate to wanting a new one as that would bother me too! You are very clever to come up with the fix though!

  11. you are genius! I am thinking you must be a surgeon ;)

  12. I came across your blog accidentally today and you inspired me. My folding door fell off it's tracks because a piece of wood inside the door that holds that prong that fits in to groove in the track broke off. Tried for days to fix it and a light bulb went off after reading this story. I wrapped a chopstick in duct tape, inside out, and shoved it up where the piece of wood broke, put the prong back in to the door and screwed the front veneer back and the darn thing worked!

  13. thank you all for your compassion!!!

    @anonymous: yay for DIY!!!

  14. Poor you! You were very crafty though- I'm impressed!

  15. oh nein!! der arme pinsel, dass tut mir leid. aber zum glück konntest du ihn wieder einsatzfähig machen. selbst ist die frau :D


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