Jun 20, 2011

Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss in Lush

the other shade of Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss i recently ordered at Ludwig Beck Munich is named Lush (read my review of Fortune here). i called up the counter when i heard that they will sell off their stock on these glosses due to re-packaging with 50% off. now they cost 11€ instead of 23€.
i think the new packaging resembles the Hourglass Prodigy lipglosses but in a long and stretched version. i don't know if the formula or colours will be changed, though.
this old packaging contains 3.6g and has a brush applicator. the brush is rather stiff but smooth at the tip and applies the product very well, if it's not so thin in texture, making application of metallic finishes a bit harder because it's easy to get a streaky result.
but since Lush has a shimmery finish, i don't experience any problem with the applicator at all. it's a peachy coral with gold shimmer which initially looks quite bright, brighter than in the tube, but easily sheers out to a light finish. it brightens up my lips a little bit and makes them look quite full and provides a soft glossy effect. the gold shimmer is really beautiful. i like that it feels smooth and very light and is non-sticky but the downside of course is the rather short wearing time (about 2h without eating&drinking but a lot of chit chat ;)). it's very moisturizing and leaves my lips soft and plump. oh, and i haven't mentioned the intense vanilla-caramel-scent which makes me think of fudge and crème brulée and caramel macchiato hmmmm.....
this is a neat summer gloss which i will wear a lot this year.


this is how it looks worn


i thought it could look like MAC Love Nectar Lipglass, but Love Nectar is still more sheer and subtle on the lips and has more of a colourful shimmer instead of base colour and gold shimmer.
Hourglass Lush - MAC Love Nectar
Hourglass Lush - MAC Love Nectar


  1. Mir persönlich gefällt der "Fortune" vom Farbton her besser.
    Ich hatte bei deinem Review zu "Fortune" schon gefragt - aber leider keine Antwort bekommen ;) ... - ob man die Glosse online bestellen kann?

  2. oh, sorry dass ich dir nicht geantwortet hatte - die hourglass sachen kann man bei Ludwig Beck ("Hautnah in den 5 Höfen") telefonisch und per kreditkarte bestellen. ansonsten kannst du hourglass auch online auf zuneta.com aus großbritannien bestellen (da aber nur zum vollen preis).

  3. Überhaupt kein Problem ;)!! Vielen Dank, da werde ich mich mal bei zuneta.com umschauen und dann bei Ludwig Beck bestellen.

  4. what a lovely color. so perfect for summer. I'm so jealous they discounted the old packaging gloss for you guys! They just transitioned them over with not discounting here :(

  5. @principessa constanze: cool, erzähl mir dann was du gekauft hast, ok? ich überleg auch noch mal anzurufen, aber bin mir noch nicht sicher.

    @luv2smilexo: but you get so many great discounts! i must be the one who is jealous of you living in Ca!

  6. That's too bad! It really does look as if the color could be similar. Maybe it'd be worth it for the scent alone!

  7. @eden-avalon: haha, actually i'm very glad that the new gloss is not a dupe of something else i already own ;)


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