Jun 21, 2011

Trish McEvoy #29 Tapered Blending Brush

the Trish McEvoy #29 Tapered Blending Brush is one of those brushes i always wanted to try thanks to their brilliant reputation. i bought mine from ebay, but again i want to warn you not to get deceived by the really cheap Trish McEvoy offers on there. when they go below regular retail price, be suspicious!
i paid about 29 AU$ for it.
it washes nicely without bleeding dye or shedding. it didn't loose any hairs and kept the shape very well.
the #29 brush has a medium size and the clear acrylic handle is rather short. it's sturdy, well made without any sharp edges, gaps, unevenness in its shape whatsoever. it's a round brush which is tapered to a fine point. it's made of soft natural hair - same good quality as i'm used to with their face brushes, with a similar flexibility and bounce (click here to read my reviewof the face brushes).
after testing it for about a week in many different eye make ups now i can really verify all the amazing reviews i've read about this. it's a fabulous brush which makes application of dark crease colours so easy. i like to dab the fine tip into a very dark and intense colour and applying it to my outer crease area. thanks to its taper it blends out the colour very evenly right away. the bounce and smooth fibers feel great against my lids. the size is great - not too big for my small lids but would also be good for a wider lid space or deeper setted eyes.
definitely a recommendation for anyone having a hard time with a dark crease.



it's the most pointed and with most bounce of all these brushes.

bottom to top: Hakuhodo G5529BkSL - Hakuhodo S142 - Trish McEvoy #29 Tapered Blending - MAC 226 - Louise Young LY38
Hakuhodo G5529BkSL - Hakuhodo S142 - Trish McEvoy #29 Tapered Blending - MAC 226 - Louise Young LY38


  1. Hqhair.com has a "secret sale" with another 20% off until 26/6 - midnight ;) the code is VIPHQ20

  2. wow, thanks so much for letting me know! would i have known this yesterday, i would have waited with yet another nars-order which i now have done on evilbay. but 20% sounds really, really tempting ;)

  3. Wow! It really retains its shape. I'm just starting with brushes so I'm trying to create a compendium of good ones for one I decide to splurge.

  4. It is hard to beat her brushes! I love Trish McEvoy, and Le Metier De Beaute for their brushes the best.

  5. What did you order (NARS)? I love your taste in makeup!

  6. @eden avalon: trish macevoy brushes are really superb performance-wise.

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: i wish i could have an access to lmdb!

    @anonymous: i ordered the exotic dance duo on ebay but now am thinking about some more shadows...

  7. Exotic dance is lovely!

  8. good to hear! since i can only judge from online swatch pics, it's always a risky game ;)
    oh, and i was a bad girl again and ordered some more nars eyeshadows (cyprus, barbuda, lola lola) and mac blushes. shame on me haha

  9. I think I'm gonna get this brush!! The hakuhodo's ok but I think it's too soft for blending. By the way you can get all Trish Mcevoy, Laura Mercier, Nars and many other brands at kissandmakeupny.com it's all authentic and it's in dollars, here in Spain we all get it from that site! Cheers


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