Jun 10, 2011

Revlon Super Loustrous Lipgloss #150 Peach Petal

as you may already know, Revlon says "bye" to germany and all the drugstores sell off their rest stocks. there wasn't many things that really interested me from the range although it was sold 50% off, but when i met some last lipglosses at 2.95€ (instead of 11.95€), there was no reason not to buy since i'm very pleased with the other Revlon gloss i own, Coral Reef. it's great that Revlon has these protecting seals, so you can feel save even to get something out of the bargain bin.

for any reason i picked up the shade #150 Peach Petal even though my intuition said "don't!", but i guessed this was a too much talked about shade that lasted in the back of my mind. it's a milky beige nude. and that's the problem: i can't pull off a nude lip. it washes me out completely when it's a beigy, opaque nude. but if it's a glossy, milky, half sheer beige nude like this and my pigmented, rather purple-y natural lip colour peeks through, it makes me look like a floater or a zombie.
and as i don't really like to wear lipglosses layered on lipsticks (i don't even "like" one alone), i think i could only make it work when worn on top of a brighter lip stain.
i should have followed my first impression and choose the bright milky pink shade, i'm such a dud to take this instead of that pink. 
so it doesn't even help that these glosses have a comfortable creamy consistency and are not too sticky (better than any MAC Lipglass to me). it applies easily but settles into my lip lines, this is a tough thing about light milky shades, they just tend to do that. brighter shades or shimmers conceal this nature, but the milky light shades can't hide. but it's not that bad when others look at you, it's a lot less obvious.
still this shade is not made for me at all. it looks so "off" that i can't wear it, so i can't say anything about longevity (although i get about 3 hours wear with Coral Reef). i guess i will give it away or something, and try to find that nice pink again.
or does anyone of you want to have it? i will send it out to the first german reader who comments that she/he wants this (sorry int'l readers, my mail-budget is exhausted ;)). please notice that it's a used product.

Revlon Peach Petal in sunlight
Revlon Peach Petal in cloudy lighting

MAC Underage - Revlon Peach Petal - MAC Florabundance
MAC Underage - Revlon Peach Petal - MAC Florabundance


  1. 2.95€?? That's what i call a DEAL! I'll miss Revlon though....

  2. That looks awful. : ) My coloring must be similar to yours, because I have the same relationships with beige tones on my lips.

  3. I can't pull off a nude lip either even though my favorite makeup combo is a dramatic eye with a nude lip. I even own MAC's Florabbundance but never wear it because it looks too "off" on me, I feel you!

  4. schöne farbe!
    ich würde den gloss super gerne haben, da ich leider kein glück mehr hatte, welche zu ergattern. alle farben die da waren sahen doof aus...

  5. @blumenband: super! wenn du mir eine mail mit deiner adresse schickst, schick ich dir den gloss bald los!

  6. I agree completely. I bought this last year when I was in the States and found it entirely too nude for me. The fact that it settles into the lines on my lips wasn't that nice either. Lucky you got it for a good price!

  7. @ketogluratat: dankeschön :D ich hab dir grad eine email geschickt.


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