Jun 7, 2011

Burberry Beauty Brush

a little Burberry wave is spreading in the german blogosphere (at least it reached me :P). after drooling over Maria's awesome Burberry haul over at Lipstick Love and seeing Me at Innen&Aussen followed her by purchasing some blusher and lipstick, i also couldn't hold back myself since the conditions seemed so nice ;)
because Burberry Cosmetics appeared a bit basic and boring to me at first glance, i never looked further into their line. so i didn't know that they had an online shop in germany and even sold their beauty assortment on there, i thought it was only available in a few bigger department stores or niche beauty shops here.
normally i wouldn't get tempted to order anything from the online shop when the delivery costs are 20€, but for any reason they offer free shipping these days (don't know until when) so we all took the chance to try something from this rather unknown (beauty-)brand.
while the other girls tried the blushes and lippies, brush-addicted like i am of course i would get curious about this product type first. unfortunately Burberry only offers this one brush in their range yet (i saw a brush-preview on Café Makeup with a lot of great ones a while ago, but they don't seem to be available by now - btw, SO sad that Café Makeup closes it's doors :( i wish those fabulous beauties the best for the future, though!). and because the few reviews i found on it all were very positive, my choice was made and i went for the Burberry Beauty Brush ;)
this little sucker cost me 45€, luckily the shipping was free. and it was the fastest delivery i have ever experienced in my whole online-beauty-shopper-career ;) i ordered almost 4pm on a bank holiday and received my order via UPS less than 20h later at 9am the next morning. wow.
and because i was so amazed with their service, i have already orderd two more blushes from Burberry in the meantime (you know i also can't resist blushes :)).
the products come in a super chic looking bag with a black bow, even the invoice had it's own classy envelope haha.

the brush itself has a little velours-pouch that's like a mini brush roll. it's a stubby kabuki-type brush with a square shiny anthracite metal foot  and the Burberry emblem engraved in it.

the goat brush hairs are rather loosely packed in comparison with a "real" kabuki, but this brush is originally made to serve as a multipurpose tool for the perfect application of all the "Glow" products by Burberry (this includes blushes and bronzers, but of course you could also apply every pressed or loose face powder with it).
the bristles are soft and made of a good blend with mostly natural ending hairs. it feels smooth when swept on my skin, however it's still uncomparable to the softness of squirrel hair and feels a bit rough when patted on. it's soft like my MAC kabukis (a bit softer than the 182, same softness as 181) and a lot softer than the Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush. it's more similar to the EB brush in function because both are rather loosely packed/quite fluffy.
the Burberry Beauty Brush washes nicely although it bled quite a bit of dye while the first wash. it only lost <10 hairs until now and dries quickly without loosing the shape.

pre wash
here you can see the delicate natural ending hairs.

my only complaint is about the handle: it feels very light what i don't like. i think they should have packed a little weight in there so it would lay better in your hand. also the edge of the ferrule is quite harsh, this should've been sanded for such an expensive brush. next is how the brush it put into this handle: it's round at the bottom, then attached into this frame-like square handle but is not square-packed. so if you squeeze the hairs to the side, there is a little gap between brush hair and handle. looks not so good. moisture could easily collect in there after each wash, cutting down the longevity of your brush. also you could probably scratch yourself with one of the edges when you apply a powder product heavily, buffing it in. all this didn't happen to me, but i worry it could.

the harsh edge & the gap :/

otherwise i still enjoy this brush. i use it to apply my loose setting powder but also for bronzer. because the goat hair is stiffer than squirrel hair, it's great to buff in shimmery bronzers so that you get more of the bonzey glow effect instead of all over shimmer. i like to use it with the Guerlain Terra Inca.

in comparison to some other natural hair kabuki-type brushes:
MAC 182 - Burberry Beauty Brush - MAC 181 - Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush
MAC 182 - Burberry Beauty Brush - MAC 181 - Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush


  1. Not sure about the brush itself, but I like how it looks and I love the packaging. Very expensive-looking.. except for the gap. :/

  2. I'm not sure about the gap either, odd that such an expensive brush would have a detail like that.

  3. Oh, why did I read this review? I am such a sucker when it comes to brushes too. I also am quite taken with the packaging alone! They did a fabulous job with their presentation. Oooh, I am so wavering on ordering this! Thanks for tempting me. ;)

  4. Welche Blushes hast du bestellt? :-))

  5. Thank you for your great blog! Will you review the Burberry Eye Brushes? There are 3 eye brushes (at least on sale in the U.S. at Nordstrom http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/burberry-no-10-definition-liner-brush/3170375?origin=keywordsearch&resultback=1707).

    Also, do you think you will review any Dolce&Gabanna make up? I would love to know your opinion of the Dolce&Gabanna Wet/Dry Foundation.

  6. @JC: yes, it's all very classy and sophisticated and then comes the gap. very irritating - but otherwise it's a good brush. no shedding and feels soft and smooth.

    @productdoctor: i also don't even know if it's a criteria for low quality or not. but it's just weird.

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: haha now i think i have peeked it on your last haul photo? i hope you like it!

    @lipsticklove: oh, sorry für die späte antwort aber bei mir wurden es misty und earthy blush.

    @anonymous: thank you for that nice compliment! unfortunately there is only this one face brush offered in germany. i don#t know if they will add some more brushes into the range (which i would be happily purchasing then ;)).
    for dolce&gabbana it's the same: no source in germany :/ i heard that they won't come here before 2012 or 2013. i only own one lipgloss by that brand yet which i bought on allcosmetics.com. if you click on the dolce&gabbana label in my label-cloud, you'll see an fotd i did wearing it.

  7. hello, can i know what size at every angel of the bag with the black bow and the envelop behind the burberry paper bag..i really need know it, and i hope u can help me. u can email me at this email milovnik_hudby@yahoo.com or evil_corner@yahoo.com,so it can make more easier to contact with each other. thank you..^^

    1. haha why does this sound more like an attempt to FAKE it than a search for beauty advise? sorry i definitely won't help you on this.

  8. ok..im serious...this is about my assignment...i've chosen Burberry company,so i have to do research about the company. I need to find the real size of the business card,price tag,label tag, the logos,Burberry company color, their letterhead,envelope lay out,the packaging and so on...at least you can help me for the size of the envelope and paper bag..You've never know what i've been through while did this things...there's no time to me playing around to fake it or what you think in your mind..please, im really running out of time. Next week, my lecturer will ask our class 'bout our research. If you still dont want to help me,its ok..may God bless u always.

    1. i'm sorry. both that i was harsh to you but also because i can't help you. this doesn't sound like serious research to me. you could've gone to their counter or stores to look it up, or you could've ordered something yourself if it's so important for you, then at least you would've have original material to do your research on. if Burberry is out of reach for you (of course i mean distance-wise), it's ridiculous of your lecturer wanting to know such facts from you.

  9. thats why i really need your help..it's ridiculous,isn't? im thinking same thing...but for my lect, that is not her problem...i've told her there is no way i can find the real size from internet and go to company(distance problem)..easily she said,"that is your problem,so fixed it yourself"..today,she failed some of us include me because we can't find some of the information she want,such as matter that I already mention..sometime,i think i just wanna quit from study b'coz she ask for impossible thing,then if we couldn't find it,she easily failed us... its like there function im study at the end my pointer just disapointed me..anyway,thank you..at least you replying my comment..and sorry for wasting your time..have a nice day:)

    1. i'm sorry that you have such an ignorant lecturer, but maybe you should've chosen a brand that's easier accessible to do your research on? i'm just saying...
      i hope you can still finish your work satisfyingly and don't have this lecturer any longer. good luck!


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