Jun 13, 2011

recent accessory-find: horse's head ring!

this is my recent favourite when it comes to custome jewellery - a cool/special ring in the shape of a zebra head with rhinestones all over. the design somewhat remind's me of Troja ;)
the best thing is: it's only 4.95€ at H&M! there are also matching studs which i haven't bought yet - but i guess i will go and pick them up, too. if NOT worn matchy-matchy i imagine they would look quite interesting.
i was rather disappointed by the accessory-department at H&M recently (for example those druse-rings and necklaces - very nice idea but incredibly cheapo realisation) but this is a good piece. however, don't have too high expectations on the quality, as usual the metal will quickly tarnish, but a thin coat of clear nail polish prevents that pretty well ;)
it looks good with gold or green nail polish (i think of the gone and missed P2 Artful).
what about you? how do you like your accessories? different/cool or cute/classic? do you wear costume jewellery or does it have to be real precious metal&stones?


  1. OMFG! Thou shall be mine! I need that ring, it screams Martha! ;-) Beautiful choice, great taste!

  2. How cute! Awesome idea.

    I tend to be slightly classic in terms of accessoires, they have to have a certain vintage look (my preferred fashion style gravitates towards the 1900ies anyways),
    and size to them, but not toooo statement so that the chances are high I'll like to wear them somewhat regardless of my mood.
    I mainly wear genuine metals, pearls & co., but I don't have much and rarely ever buy new stuff, I just always turn to my few favourites in terms of accessoires (unlike with make up)

    I do own some costume jewelry from Dawanda though, and love the amazing ideas, but I also really love real metal & stones for its heaviness and look.

    A while ago I wanted to stock up my pearl jewelry arsenal and went for the adventure to order some strands of freshwater pearls from China.
    And they do offer amazing quality sometimes, I guess you just have to take a real close look at what you buy (and like to custum-make your own necklaces, well, if like me you're into that, I guess most aren't)

    blaaa ^^

  3. @martha: i feel somewhat honored that you like it so much... am i weird? a martha-fangirl? ;)

    @2espresso: thanks! your treasures sound great!!! and i lovelovelove pearls, too.
    and if i was to buy etsy or dawanda stuff - i would be sooo broke!


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