Jun 20, 2011

Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent #089 Smoky Crystal

this palette was released as limited edition in Dior's 2009 Holiday collection - i don't remember if i convinced myself not to get it back then or if it wasn't available where i live. anyway, i didn't buy #089 Smoky Crystal when it was launched and regretted it since then. after short time i couldn't find it anywhere anymore and so i was even more desperate - the offers on ebay always where too expensive and even the smallest back road perfumery had sold out.
now i was lucky enough to find this beauty in a blog sale and you know i didn't have to think twice and messaged this fellow blogger immediately (and then i was the lucky first one to come, yay!). it was only slightly used and in super good condition for a mini price of 40$, i think.
the palette contains 6 g - 5 eyeshadows of 1.2g each. Dior quints normally cost 53.90€.

it's one of Dior's 5 Couleurs Iridescent palettes and contains 5 shimmering shades, which are:

  1. a shimmery silver taupe which is smooth and rather light. it's suited to use in the inner corner but also as an all over lid colour.
  2. a shimmery dark steel grey with taupey hints. it's smooth and highly pigmented and is good as a crease colour or for a smokey eye.
  3. a metallic platinum silver which is smooth and pigmented and highly reflective. it's great as a light-catcher for the inner corners or center of the lid. a great party-shade.
  4. an anthracite grey with silver shimmer and microglitter. it's dryer in texture due to the microglitter and i had minimal fall out with this shade but it's pigmented and good to darken the outer corners and as a sultry smokey eye.
  5. in the center is a pinky purple with lavender shimmer - although i thought it might be not very wearable the effect is rather subtle when layered over the other shades. thanks to the silvery-lavender shimmer it's not too pink and doesn't emphasize on the redness of my eyes. it's smooth and pigmented. a different and  almost spring-y colourful addition to this smokey palette.

the colours are typically Dior very creamy and smooth, they have a good pigmentation and blend out beautifully, however i must admit that i'm a bit disappointed of how they look blended together - they tend to blur into each other too much for my taste so that you can't distinct them. i think this effect is also due to them being rather similar and, even more important, they are all very pearly-shimmery, almost frosty. so i really appreciate the purple shade to bring some variety into the looks that are possible with this palette.
otherwise, the eyeshadows have a good wearing time on me without creasing or fading. i think this is a fantastic palette for an evening smokey eye.

here are some looks i created with it:

basic neutral eye

#1 in the inner corner and inner half of upper&lower lid, #2 on the outer half of upper and lower lid, #4 used to darken up the outer corner slightly, shimmery dark brown gel liner.

the following looks i just built up on top of the basic eye by adding different colours:


added #5 with a damp brush on the center of the lid and on the center of the lower lashline, #3 in inner corners, some more #4 to darken the outer V, black liquid liner.

smokey with purple haze

#4 added on the whole lid, #2 added on the lower lashline, #5 used to blend out the upper edge.


  1. Die Palette ist einfach suuuuper schön :)! Die Farben schimmern so toll ;).

  2. ja, ich finde dior macht immer sehr schöne schimmer-lidschatten. sehr tragbar.
    und obwohl die farben nicht ganz so speziell sind, hat die palette einen besonderen platz in meinem herzen, allein schon weil ich ihr soo lange nachgejagt bin.

  3. I love the smokey eye so dramatic and pretty!

  4. Wow! I hope I can find dupes for some of these colors, it's really a lovely palette!

  5. Die Farben sehen wirklich richtig schön aus ich liebe CD :) Aber weißt du noch wie viel die gekostet hat?
    Echt schöner blog übrigens!



  6. thank you all!

    @luisa lión: dankeschön! die dior paletten kosten normalerweise 53.90€ - 54.90€ bei douglas.

  7. this looks amazing on you, I wish I'd had your eyes :)


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