Jun 18, 2011

gold eyeshadows ramble. (respectively NARS Étrusque)


i went crazy for gold eyeshadows in the past few days and especially needed NARS Étrusque eyeshadow in my life. i never even thought much of and about or liked gold shadows since i somehow feel that they are easy to produce  and the very warm shades don't look good on me. but this summer i'm totally going for the warm look with bronzers, shimmery bronzey shadows and of course gold eyeshadows, nail polishes and lip glosses.
when i could not find Étrusque online at my usual NARS-sources (hqhair, kissandmakeupny, ebay, nars.eu) i felt quite desperate and hunted down other gold shadows hoping to find a sufficient dupe for it (and to own every good gold shadow there is, hehehe). so my current incoming orders list is filled with many many many gold eyeshadows, for example:

  • Seta Red Gold
  • Stila 14 kt
  • Bare Escentuals True Gold
  • Stila Sparkle
  • MAC Mayhem
  • Grüngold by kosmetikkosmo 
  • Braungold by kosmetikkosmo
  • Makeup Atelier Paris Patina Gold
  • Makeup Atelier Paris Nacre Orange
  • MAC Rose Gold pigment (samples)  

and then what happened? an attentive reader noticed and commented under my last post that the shade Étrusque is still available on the narscosmetics.eu site but you have to look under the "shimmery" flag while initially clicking on the single shadows symbol you'll only get to the matte shades. i totally forgot and oversaw this (and i even had this "problem" once), hahaha. and surely it was in my virtual shopping basket within a minute and will hopefully arrive me very soon. thank you sooo much Lena!!!
now 11 gold shadows are on their way to me hahaha - i don't regret it at all, but recognize a typical bahavioral pattern for me. about the same happened so often before, only to mention a few:

  • Chanel Jade Rose nail polish
  • Sephora by OPI Metro Chic
  • Sephora Professional Platinum Air Brush Foundation Brush #55
  • Chanel Particulière nail polish
  • MAC Smoke&Diamonds eyeshadow
  • MAC Grand Entrance eyeshadow
  • MAC Style Snob eyeshadow
  • Stila Kitten Smudgepot

i really wanted (or want) these products and for ALL of these items i bought several (many) dupes. in the end i still managed to get the original, in some cases they were not hard to get and i caved in finally to buy the original product (except for the last 2 items - i still don't own the originals for them). but for each and every point there is one similarity: eventually i paid (much) more for the dupes altogether than the original product is worth. now NARS Étrusque finds itself in the best society ;)
another positive point for all of us ^^ is me planning a big comparison-of-all-my-gold-eyeshadows-post hahaha.
what about you? do you just convince yourself that it shouldn't be or do you get crazy like me? or am i the only one?


  1. ouh yes! I'm into golds as well. so I would be pleased if you did a comparison for all these great golds :D

  2. i hope to get them soon so that i can start this "project" ;)


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