Jun 10, 2011

NARS Nail Polish in Orgasm

NARS Orgasm Nail Polish is one of those polishes i wanted for ever but never purchased because i thought i could find or create a capable dupe for it -  but, as always, i probably spent more money and effort in the dupes than just buying the original. plus, i still wanted the original shade and never found satisfaction in the "dupes". so i finally decided to just get NARS Orgasm Nail Polish since i made an order on hqhair anyway and they offered 10 or 15% off that time.
now that it arrived i'm truly contented ;)
NARS polishes contain 15ml and cost 13.50£.  a normal price in the high end section which i'm normally willing to pay for Chanel, Estée Lauder, Butter London etc., but i don't know why i hesitated so long for NARS.
Orgasm nail polish is a pinky peach with lots of yellow-gold shimmer. it's not too dense to look frosty or metallic but has a beautiful sheerness to it. i find it more peachy and much less pink than the Orgasm blusher and think it's like a hybrid of Orgasm and Luster blush in nail polish form :)
the bottle has a matte plastic cap (not rubberized) and a thin round brush. i would like a better design for the handle part, like a take-off-bulky-cap with a more handy one underneath, so you can control the brush better. plus a wide flat brush.
still, this shade applies evenly without streaks. its opaque in 3 coats but i like th lighter look with 2 coats. it looks more summery with your skin tone peeking through the fine shimmer.
it dries rather quickly to a medium-shiny finish, so i still put on a top coat to play up the shimmer.
it lasts over 2 days on me without visible tip wear but i had to remove it then. so i guess it would have a really good staying power. i loooove such shades on the toes for summer, it looks great on tanned feet (but it's also very nice on the fingers).


  1. Ein schön dezenter Lack für den Alltag! :)

  2. I am so drawn to this color in all its forms, but it always looks so much better on other people than it does on me. It suits you!

  3. Lovely polish! I didn't know there was an Orgasm polish too. Well, there's the blush, highlighter fluid and multiple, so...
    I'll never get tanned feet, probably but would look pretty all the same.

  4. geht mir ähnlich von dir. immer wenn ich ihn auf irgendwelchen blogs sehe, quiecke ich auf, weil ich ihn so schön finde, aber in einen einkaufswagen, egal ob online oder rl, hat er es noch nicht geschafft. warum auch immer! :D

  5. I wonder how this compares to chanel's peche nacree from the spring collection?

  6. @principessa constanze: find ich auch! da er sich so schön mit meiner hautfarbe verbindet, sieht er viel dezenter aus als im fläschchen.

    @perilously pale: thank you.

    @zuzu's petals: then you should really try it on your toes. looks very summery and is easy to wear on tanned feet (where i tan the first).

    @marox79: you need more sandals, girl ;) but i think it would still look pretty.

    @strawbemmy: ich denk mir bei so einer farbe auch immer dass sie leicht zu dupen wäre mit billigeren drogerielacken - hab's bisher aber nicht zufriedenstellend geschafft und mir jetzt das original gekauft. ich denke es ist häufig so dass man mehr hemmungen hat, etwas zu kaufen was schon zu bekannt ist und schon zig fach in die mängel genommen wurde zwecks dupe-suche usw. das nimmt dem produkt das einzigartige.

    @blumenband: i really like its shimmer, too. not flat like in most drugstore polishes.

    @baby in a corner: i think it does not compare to peche nacrée although i don't own the latter. peche nacrée has a white pearl while this has really apparent yellowish gold shimmer.


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