Jun 9, 2011

NARS blushes! #14 - Oasis

the next blush in my recent order from hqhair is NARS Oasis. this shade has caught my eye long time ago, but every time i ordered another brighter and more fun shade came between us. now we're finally united :P

NARS blushes contain 4.5 - 4.8g each for the powder blushes, and 5.5g each for the cream blushes.
they cost 29€/19.50£/26$.

Oasis is a brownish mauve with a purple tinge that's infused with lots of gold sparkle bits. it reminds me of all those natural, sculpting blushes such as MAC Blushbaby, Cargo Tonga and NARS Douceur (which i don't own yet). the gold sparkles are of the same character like in NARS Angelika (but gold and not silver), it's very fine and not chunky at all but still is very apparent in the pan & fingerswatch. however it's easily blended out on your face even though i don't mind it as much. just use a clean brush and brush over your cheeks to wipe off the gold shimmer bits.
the base shade has a satin finish. the texture is very refined and silky. it melts into your skin instantly making it appearing almost like a stain. still it has the same easy-blendable quality NARS blushes use to have. it looks very natural and subtle when applied sheerly and the purple tinge contrasts my yellowish skin in a very flattering way. it becomes a berry pink flush on me and lasts all day without fading or getting blotchy.
this colour will be great for autumn and winter but also looks amazing with strong gold eyes (i should've done this look to show you!) and other warm smokey looks as a perfect subtle contrast. for a special twist, i also like to layer just a hint of light bright pink over Oasis right on my cheekbones (for example with MAC Dollymix or NARS Deep Throat).  this looks especially sculpted and glowy but is more intense so i only do it for going out.

NARS Oasis in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out

this is how it looks worn:

MAC Mocha - MAC Blushbaby - NARS Oasis - Cargo Tonga
MAC Mocha - MAC Blushbaby - NARS Oasis - Cargo Tonga


  1. I own Oasis, along with the two MAC blushes you compared it with and there really is no comparison (in my humble opinion). Oasis is just way prettier.

  2. Die Farbe gefällt mir unglaublich gut! Sie ist mir vorher noch nie im Sortiment aufgefallen. Danke fürs Zeigen!

  3. I like the Shimmer, it's amazing ;)!

  4. Der ist bei mir gestern auch eingetrudelt (ich glaube ich habe sie jetzt so langsam fast alle zusammen:D) Welchen Pinsel benutzt du denn für die Nars Blushes?

  5. That looks really pretty on you! I think you have such a terrific collection! I like the subtle sparkles in Oasis it sets it apart from being "boring".

    p.s. I never knew that you name 'Delicate Hummingbird' was actually a RBR eye shadow. I'm trying to order that color but they are all sold out! I'll just have to be patient, I guess!!

  6. I love that you have swatches of similar products for comparison! Helps me decide which one I'd rather get. Thank you!!

  7. @JC: yes, i think so too. my mac stuff didn't get any love at all in the past few months :/

    @prinzessin leia: gern geschehen! ;)

    @principessa constanze: me too, i also like the shimmer. i think gold shimmer is something different than silver shimmer (like in angelika) it's much more wearable especially in the summer even when it's so obvious as with these. but they can be easily wiped away, too, when you like it more subtle.

    @belle: ;) ja bei mir wird's auch schon langsam voll aber man kann irgendwie nicht aufhören haha. ich benutze immer pinsel nach laune - zur zeit gerne den A'Squirrel pure squirrel blush brush oder MakeUpShow H02 blush brush. aber wie gesagt je nach laune bei meiner eher großen pinselsammlung.

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: thank you! (and yeah, it was one of my first postings on here and i was searching for a nice name to start but wasn't feeling too creative ;))

    @dysfunctionalkid: thank you!

    @emily: you're welcome!


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