Jun 13, 2011

sooo many lipglosses!

i recently got the chance to buy some items in a fabulous blog sale, and amongst a palette from Dior that i have been on the hunt for since 2009, i snatched this huge lot of lipglosses for a really mini price (i think i paid the price of one full size lip gloss). and since i'm not really a lip product person and rather hesitate to buy high end glosses at their full retail price, i thought it would be a nice opportunity to test out some shades and brands. i have no problems with used glosses (although there were some unused in that lot) - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, huh? besides, i trust my fellow blogging beauty-lovers ;) sometimes we buy and try, but we don't love so we sell.
(if i wouldn't feel completely comfortable, i would just put the product on the back of my hand and then apply with a brush or my fingertips.)

so enough said, i'm very glad with my purchase and now i'll show you some swatches and lip swatches (be prepared for photo-overload ;))

first, my bare lips for you to compare:

Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #25 Pale Rose (mini)

Chanel Glossimer #96 Iris

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Lip Gloss in Sexy Nude

Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #51

Chanel Glossimer #90 Summer Plum

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Cinnamon

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Baby Doll

Chanel Glossimer #11 Twinkle

it was a very special surprise for me to find this shade in the lot because i already own it since the Chanel Glossimer in Twinkle was my first high end lipgloss ever - i bought mine over 8 years ago, it leaked and has gone bad in the mean time but i still keep it for old time's sake. now i'm happy to be able to wear the colour again. here is a photographic proof of my oldest gloss-pensioner ;)

and that's the new one:

Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #28 (mini)

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Opal (mini)

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Petal (mini)

Chanel Glossimer #83 Magnifique (mini)

haha now i have a problem with my lipglosse storage ;) what about you? would you say "no" to such a great deal?  


  1. Da hast Du ja ein echtes Schnäppchen gemacht. Mich haben besonders die Laura Mercier Glosse interessiert und Petal sieht fantastisch aus.
    Danke für die vielen Swatches.

  2. Super Schnäppchen!!!
    Die sind so wunderschön!
    Armani 25 habe ich auch -tolle Farbe!
    Tolle Swatches!

  3. wow, danke für die vielen swatches. i
    Ich besonders den Chanel Glossimer #11 Twinkle toll, super schöner schimmer=)

  4. Tolle Swatches, danke dafür :)!
    Mir gefällt der Chanel Glossimer #11 Twinkle eigentlich fast am Besten...

  5. Mensch, das war ja mal ein tolles Schnäppchen!

    Besonders um die Glossimers beneid ich dich!

  6. Alle stehen Dir ausnahmslos fantastisch.
    Da ich meine "vernünftige" Phase habe und mich im Antishopping übe, hätte ich wohl nein gesagt- aber es wahrscheinlich später auch bereut ;)!

  7. wow, that's such an awesome deal - I love bargain hunting. xx

  8. gratulation zur wahl deines ersten highend-glosses! das war/ ist nun wieder ein wirklich schönes produkt!

  9. Cinnamon und Magnifique sind toll!

  10. Even your natural/bare lip color is pretty. I love all the glosses, especially the Laura Merciers and Chanels.

  11. Sugar Plum gets my vote for which looks the best on you, I so want that shade now, I'm not even kidding! You'e inspired a lot of things that I end up purchasing thanks to your great taste and this may be the next item! I love Chanel lip gloss so much, great post!

  12. wow what a great haul! you really found some beauties in there :)

  13. I like them all, but the Chanel Glossimers look the most beautiful. Unfortunately, I cannot stand the significant smell of Chanel products on my lips. This is one things I am really sad about when it comes to makeup.


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