Dec 30, 2010

Max Factor eye liner

today i want to share with you some nice bargains. these are the Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eye Liners from Max Factor. 

if you liked the MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner which were LE (i think, at least i can't find them at my counter or online anymore) and cost around 18€( ?), this is definitely a find for you. they are only about 5€ and are colourful, sparkly and very very smudgeproof/waterproof intense liners, which can be found at the drugstore.

a big con for me is the small colour range, they only offer 4 different colours: a teal, a purple, an anthracite and a black. i have 2 of them, #03 Metallic Lilac (a dark purple with purple and pink glitter)  and #04 Metallic Turquoise (a dark teal with blue shimmer).
Artdeco also produces such liquid liners with more colours, but at more than double the price (they call them Liquid Star Liner). 

i like such liners very much, they give a special something to an eye make up, are colourful but not too bright, and shimmery but not too obviously glittery. these have felt tips that are easy to handle, the consistency is liquidy but they dry down quite fast. the colours are intense,  but make sure you shake them well if you haven't used them for a while.

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  1. Ach wie cool, ich hab genau die gleichen! Ich sollte sie mal wieder benutzen....
    lg und einen guten Rutsch!


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