Dec 18, 2010

MAC swatches galore! - Mineralize Eyeshadows

i looove the Mineralize eyeshadows!
like MSF's they are baked on a terracotta plate.
they are shimmery and look very multidimensional applied. they are easy to work with, too. you can always slap on a colour, then blend out and you'll look perfectly smokey.
of all the ones i own, i can't complain about pigmentation, and mostly i don't have fall outs (only with 1 or 2).
most are totally appropriate for daytime-wear (ok, except Blue Flame and My Dark Magic), but with a dampened brush, they will get a metallic, frosty look.
the usual  pans contain 2.2g and cost 19.50€/15£/19.50$.
all swatches are done dry on moisturised skin.

Under Your Spell
this came out with the holiday collection in 2009 (Magic, Mirth & Mischief).
a shimmery grayish pink with frost finish and silver + pink sparkles that is perfect for the inner corner together with a glittery copper side. this is quite flaky and glittery, so beware of fallouts when you apply it dry. i bought this eyeshadow only for the lighter side, i quite never use the glittery part. layering the copper glitters over the pink makes a really special colour.

mixed together

It's A Miracle
also from Magic, Mirth & Mischief. this is a dark plummy purple with pink + GOLD shimmer and a flaky gold part that i never use.

Midnight Madness
again from M, M & M. this is a shimmery dark taupe with silver sparkles and the same flaky gold side as above (but a little bit more pigmented). i love it for a daytime-smokey look.

Odd Couple
this is a permanent shade which contains a cool metallic bright purple with a blue sheen and a glittery mix of lavender, gold and brown on the other half. this is great for a evening/party make up.

Earthly Riches
this is a limited edition shade, but was repromoted several times, also in a kit with the recent holiday collection (A Tartan Tale).
it has a dark taupe side with siver and pink sparkles and a plummy side with pink shimmer, with pink glitter veins running through the whole shadow.

this Mineralize Eyeshadow trio was released with the In The Groove collection summer 2010. it is different to the others because it's less shimmery, two shades are of satin finish.
there is a satin light lavender, a dark blue-purple with blue sheen and a satin medium gray. it is very well pigmented.

Blue Flame
saw it on the counter when Stye Black  came out but convinced myself not to buy it. regreted it, searched everywhere - sold out. so i bit the bullet and bought overpriced on ebay. it is a matte black base with a TON of blue sparkles and glimmer. it just looks stunning swatched, but you have to use it wet or at least on a black or blue base on your lid to get the whole effect and less fall outs.

My Dark Magic
released with the Venomous Villains LE this autumn (packaging is so ugly!). this is a bigger compact than normal, it has the size of a Mineralize Blush and the same content (3.2g). it also was more expensive, i think about 25€?
the bigger part is a mix of matte black and pink shimmer, the smaller side is a matte black infused with lots of purple glitter and shimmery white veins.
this also should be used wet or on a coloured base to give i more oomph and lessen the fall out.


  1. Odd Couple und Blue Flame finde ich besonders schön! Ich habe nur einen davon. Pink Split, der auch im permanenten Sortiment ist. Aber so richtig einig bin mit ihm nicht...

  2. Hab mir Blue Flame und Young Punk damals gleich geholt, als Schwarz-Fan :D tolle Swatches!


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