Mar 16, 2011

NARS blushes revisited! #7 - Angelika

this series is just for better pics&swatches. my opinion about the blushes stays the same, take a look at older posts.

NARS blushes contain 4.5 - 4.8g each for the powder blushes, and 5.5g each for the cream blushes.
they cost 29€/19.50£/26$.

Angelika has a matte cool toned rosey pink as a base shade with lots of rather chunky silver sparkle bits. the shimmer looks quite scary in the pan, but mostly disappears on your skin when the blush brush is tapped off. blending out with a clean brush will do the rest (although this step would make application too complicated for me). to avoid the shimmer sticking to your skin, don't forget to powder the cheek area so that it won't stick on your foundation. also a cream blush underneath will make it hard for you to blend away the glitters.
on my yellowish skin, it looses the blue undertones and gives a natural muted pink flush. here and there i can still detect a silver sparkle, but it's ok for me. i like the base colour. it's pigmented but very easy to blend and creates a subtle dolly cheek that lasts all day.
people with uneven skin in the cheek area could find the sparkles troubling, though.

NARS Angelika in natural light
NARS Angelika in natural light: swatched heavily & blended out
NARS Angelika in direct sunlight
NARS Angelika in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out
NARS Angelika in the shadow: swatched heavily & blended out

i wear Angelika blush in this photo, but please notice that i also wear a contour powder (Zen blush by NARS).

compared with my other purple-y pinks: a lot of similarities, don't you think? i was surprised, too. but Angelika is the pinkest out of all.
MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle - NARS Mata Hari - NARS Angelika - MAC Pinch O'Peach

MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle - NARS Mata Hari - NARS Angelika - MAC Pinch O'Peach


  1. This blush looks great on you! I will have to give this one a try ;)

  2. thank you! tell me how you like it when you've tried it!


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