Mar 15, 2011

Essence lipsticks "All About Cupcake" & "Almost Famous".

i bought two lipsticks as i was studying the new range of Essence, i haven't noticed this line of lipsticks before and initially thought they were new, but it seems that only one of the shades i got was a new one.
the packaging is really worse with these, cheap thin plastic, ugly and childish design. the lipstick bullet itself can't be twisted down completely so that it is covered by the plastic casing, so you can easily damage the tip when you handle with it.

the scent of these is very artificially sweet, but i don't mind it. the texture is very sheer and creamy, it has a glossy and light finish. it's sort of a "first lipstick", a hybrid of lipbalm and lipcolour, which colours your lips subtly in a youthful shine. easy to wear and easy to apply. and very affordable at 1.95€ for 4g.
most shades are shimmery or even glittery, though. not my style.
thanks to the very light and glossy consistency, the staying power is on the low side.

#53 All About Cupcake

is a muted medium pink without shimmers. this is a new shade. it gives your lips a healthy and natural but bright and spring-y flush. it looks a little bit more intense in real life than in my lip swatch, though. remember i have quite pigmented lips, so it will look different on you if you have pale lips.

Essence All About Cupcake: swatched once - multiple strokes

#44 Almost Famous

is a non-shimmery very sheer red which gives you a lollipop-mouth. i like it! i haven't ever looked at MAC's Viva Glam Cyndi, which i guess works likewise. should i catch up on this? 

Essence Almost Famous: swatched once - multiple strokes


  1. Schöne Farben, hätte ich bei essence garnicht erwartet.. die haben immer soviel Glitzerkram bei den Lippensachen..

  2. Love these lipsticks! Have it in "Almost famous" and "Fashionista" (a warm, beige/peach color with a litte golden shimmer in it). The packaging is a shame, but the price is great. I love the more sheer lipsticks, so these are well done for me :-)

  3. Yesterday I found the essence rage too, and my haul was about the same size as yours. :) ..Did you get weird looks at the checkout? Cause I did, just a little bit though.. pfft. ^^

    Anyways, I got All About Cupcake as well as In The Nude. I had been excited to see the new lipstick line launch a few months ago, but the colors were not quite my thing, too bright or uber-frosty or just metallic all the way.. ugh. Those two new colors are finally more wearable for me and I love the sheer application, half lipstick half lipbalm aspect of them!
    Nevertheless I find them a little too light and smooth in terms of the formula, it's not just that they don't last but that they also don't seem to moisturize my lips. :/ Hmmm, we'll see.

    I also got the lipgloss in Milkshake and boy, that applicator! It's pervertedly wiggly and feels soo weird on the lips. :D But I really do like the gloss so far.

    What I look forward to as well is your review on the two eyeshadows you got, Im pretty much certain they were the shades I eyed too.


  4. What a coincidence, I just bought the All About Cupcake lipstick today. I agree, the packaging is awful, the old one was much nicer. I also have the Almost Famous lippie from before and I really recommend the Viva Glam Cyndi because it is more pigmented and brighter. Oh, and I also got the new Essence gel eyeliner in London Baby today and I've been wearing it for a few hours now and I really like it. I'm looking forward to reading your further reviews. x Klara

  5. I love All About Cupcake! I adore it! Gosh, I don't know how I've lived without it :)


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