Mar 5, 2011

Blog sale!

uhhhh! my first blog sale! i really have to clean out a bit to make new space for future haulings!

everything will be cleaned/sanitized prior to shipping.

Paypal please (bank transfer germany only)
leave a comment to this post telling me what you want with your email address or email me (
let me know where you're based! (germany/intl?)
first come first serve :)
payment must be paid this weekend (bank transfer: i will ship when i get your money)
you buy what you see. if you need more pictures, message me.
no returns.
once shipped, i'm not responsible for damaged items, you can have insured parcel if you wish (+$).

shipping will be 2€ for germany and 4€ for international. add 0.50€ for each additional item.

happy hauling!

1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in #117 (about NC15-20) - used about 5 times, about 85% left: 20€ (orig. 37.55€)  SOLD

2. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation in #30 (NC20-25) - used about 4x, at least 85% left: 20€ (orig.  36.60€)

3. Astor Mattitude HD Foundation #1 (about NC25) - used 3 times, about 90% left: 4€ (orig. about 11€) SOLD

Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation in #04 Light (about NW25) - 95% left: 22€ (orig. 37€) SOLD

4. Bare Minerals mineral foundation in medium beige (about NC25-30) - about 75% left: 8€ (bought it for 23€?) SOLD

5. Catrice mineral foundation in #020 Sahara Beige - about 75% left: 1€ (orig. 4€)

6. Maybelling Pure Powder matte finish (translucent) - brand new, never used. 2€

7. NARS Sparkling Loose Powder in Machu Picchu, at least 30g (of 45g) left: 15€ (orig. 39€)

8. MAC Beauty Powder in Play It Proper (Stylishly Yours LE) - swatched 3x: 15€ (orig. 22€)  SOLD

9. MAC Special Reserve Highlight Powder  in Chez Chez Lamé (Cham Pale LE): swatched 3-4x - 18€ (orig. 28€) SOLD

10. The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer Highlight Powder - swatched 3x: 10€ (orig. 20€) SOLD

11. Terra Del Sol baked highlighter (dupe to MAC's MSFs) #7, used maybe 2-3 times: 5€ (orig 10€) SOLD

12. P2 Daylife&Nightstyle collection Highlighter, used 1x: 1€

13. P2 Stylish Geisha LE liquid highlighter: 1€

14. P2 blush, peach: 1€

15. L'Oreal Blush Délicieux in Pink Marshmallow - 2€ SOLD

16. L'Oreal Blush Délicieux in Rose Apricot - 2€ SOLD

17. 10 pan blush palette - slightly used, some shades unused: 7€ SOLD

18. Zoeva Metallic Stones palette - most shades unused/swatched 1x:  8€ SOLD

19. eyeshadow palette, mostly unused, no-name: 3.50€ SOLD

20. P2 baked eyeshadow used about 2x: 1€ SOLD

21. Barry M Dazzle Dust in #52 Silver Brown - swatched 1x: 3€

22. Basic shocking pink pigment: 1€

23. Essence Moonlight Collection eyeshadow in #03 Sparkling Dawn, a shimmery pale pink: 1€

24. Sugarbaby cream eyeshadow in Stare, a plummy brown: 3€

25. Basic Cream Eyeshadow Pen, blueish grey, used twice but sharpened 1x to sell - 1€

26. Basic Cream Eyeshadow Pen, iridescent cream, used 1x but sharpened 1x to sell: 1€ SOLD

27. Sigma ss187 duo fibre brush - 5€ SOLD

28. Coastal Scents foundation brush - 3€ SOLD

29. The Body Shop blush brush - 3€

30. The Body Shop Angled Brow Brush - 2€

31. 2x eyeshadow brushes by For Your Beauty Professional - 1€ each

32. 3x mini eyeshadow brushes by Alicia Da Silva, natural bristles, angled, rounded + square brush head: 1€ each

33. MAC Creme d'Nude lipstick, used 2x: 10€ (orig. 18€) SOLD

34. MAC Hue lipstick, used 2x: 10€ (orig. 18€) SOLD

35. Revlon Nude Attitude lipstick, used 1x: 4€ (orig. 12€)

36. P2 Absolute Colour lipstick in Delicate Tea, discontinued and rare, used 3x: 2€ SOLD

37. P2 Absolute Colour lipstick in Milky Chai, discontinued and rare, used 2x: 2€ SOLD

38. Manhattan Lipstick in 53G, used 3x: 2€

39. Alverde lipstick My Best Friend LE in #121 Mareike, swatched 1x: 1€

40. Alverde lipstick My Best Friend LE in #118 Jasminder, swatched 1x: 1€

41. Alverde lipstick My Best Friend LE in 123 Tanju, swatched 1x: 1€

42. Alverde lipstick in #110 Soft Terra, used 2x: 1€ SOLD

43. Alterra lipstick in #06 Terra, used 1x: 1€

44. MAC Dazzleglass in Bare Neccessity, used 3x: 8€ (orig. 19€)

45. MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks, no label, used 2x: 8€ (orig. 19€)

46. MAC Lipglass in Dreamy, mauve with gold shimmer, used 3x: 7€ (orig.16€)

47. MAC Lipglass in C-Thru, creamy pale nude, used 4x: 7€ (orig. 16€)

48. MAC Style Black LE Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask, rare, brand new in box!: 18€ (orig.20€)




  2. No name palette+ 110 soft Terra


  3. The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer Highlight Powder ^^


  4. Hey there,
    could I got the terra del sol baked highlighter msf dupe shipped to canada?

  5. Hi, I would love MAC Hue. I live in Canada.

    Thank you!

  6. hi,
    sind 33, 36 und 37 (creme d nude und die p2 lippies) noch zu haben?
    ich komme aus deutschland
    lieben gruß

  7. sorry, ich hab die falsche email angegeben!

  8. Hallohallo, ist MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask immer noch zu haben?

  9. hi néphèle, es gibt eine aktuellere version meines blog sales: , da sind die sachen aktualisiert. die volcanic ash maske ist schon weg, ich habe aber immer noch ein backup, was ich dir verkaufen würde, solltest du es haben wollen.


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