Mar 19, 2011

the last Essence Stay With Me lipgloss.

finally i got the last shade of the new Stay With Me Longlasting Lipglosses by Essence in #06 Berry Me!, which i was still missing in my collection. they cost 1.95€ and contain 4ml of product.
here is my somewhat rave review for this new line of glosses. now i own all of them ;)

they all have nice packaging with a metal cap and a short acrylic tube. the applicator is special in it's hourglass shape and it's quite flexible and flimsy, too. but you'll get used to it.
the consistency of this gloss is very thick, but not sticky-thick. it's rather balm-y thick.
Berry Me! looks frightening dark in the tube, but applies as a rich raspberry colour without shimmers. the sheer consistency makes it easy to wear and not looking too heavy or special-occasion-like.
the scent is of a sweet and fruity artificial scent, it could bother sensitive noses but is ok for me.
i like the transparency, the balm-like shine and non sticky texture. i get 3-4h wearing time with these, including eating and drinking. that's long lasting for a gloss in my opinion. of course i don't totally wrap my lips around the food when eating, of course i exercise the "lipgloss mouth"-method, but who not? and so i can't really understand people saying that they don't get enough lasting power, or that these glosses don't last a meal for them.

this is how it looks on my rather pigmented lips:

compared with other darker glosses:

P2 Hightower and Essence I Like Cotton Candy are more blue toned than Berry Me!, sorry i forgot to swatch it next to Essence Trendsetter, but it is darker and less bright than Trendsetter.
Essence Kiss Kiss Kiss - Essence Berry Me! - P2 Hightower - Essence I Like Cotton Candy
Essence Kiss Kiss Kiss - Essence Berry Me! - P2 Hightower - Essence I Like Cotton Candy


  1. You have sooo beautiful lips!
    Thank you for the review :)
    Is this a warm or a cold shade? And the other ones-are the warm or cold?
    Sorry but my monitor has a very bad lighting and i'm also not good in identifying whether a color is warm or cold...

    So did i get this right?:

    warm: 02, 03, 05
    cold: 04, 07, 06

    Thanks :)

  2. thank you!

    i'm not good in identifying too, but if i had to chose:

    warm: 02, 03

    cold: 01, 04, 05 (it's a cool cherry red), 06, 07

  3. Looks gorgeous on you!
    Yesterday I got my second shade of these, 01, sort of afraid it would probably be too cool toned for me. But luckily it's just a lovely fresh, light pinkish tint on my lips.
    I love these.

    What I noticed though is that the applicator on my 01 is much sturdier than the one on my 02, which is much more wiggly (not that I don't like that funny feeling)

    Pity I cannot wear the other ones (except maybe for the corally red) as I look just teeerrible with even slightly darker lipcolors. ^^

  4. thank you! i love these too, they are such a surprising favourite to me, so i'm even more excited ;)
    the shades are very transparent so the undertones will adjust to your initial lip colour, so i don't mind the warm-cool-"rules" with these.
    i'm also not a big bold-lips-person, but i find these very easy to wear as the sheer texture make them look very easy-going, and not very attention-attracting.

  5. These looks just awesome! I only wish Essence will bring them to my country as well.

  6. these are really great. don't you think you'll have them in cz?

  7. I hope so! But we are a bit late with all collections anyway.

  8. Firts I bought the red one (Kiss kiss kiss) and I got excited because this is exactly I was looking for. So I bought also Trendsetter... :D

  9. Excellent review :) I've done a review of this product and I've linked to you, here and the other post you have of these lipglosses :9


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