Mar 29, 2011

foundation overview #7: MAC Face&Body

i bought the MAC Face And Body Foundation about a month ago, a new hype wave on my "home beauty forum" made me to :P.
also i'm not so averse to sheer foundations anymore because first, my skin is behaving ok these days and 2nd, i think i became more skin-confident over the last months. nobody is perfect, and those supposedly seem to, they appear quite fake.
this foundation always scored in great staying power from the reviews i've read, but everytime it was mentioned how sheer it is. for me the first condition for a foundation is excellent staying power and also transfer resistance. the second condition has always been good coverage, but like i explained earlier, this is cancelled now. no reason not to buy, huh?
this foundation bottle is huge, it contains 120ml and costs 36€, which seem very reasonable for that amount.
it comes in a plastic sqeeze bottle.

it's also suited to use on the body (the reason for the big amount), like to even out little spider veins or bruises on your legs, because it's very light and transfer resistant and even water resistant i think.
you should shake it well prior to using. the consistency is rather liquidy and runny. because it is very sheer, i have to use a fairly big amount, about double of what i would normally take with my other foundations. i have it in C2, a medium neutral shade with yellow undertones, which should be ok for NC20-NC25(30?) in MAC i think. it doesn't darken up or oxidize on me.

a drop of: MAC F&B in C2 + MAC Pro Longwear NC20
MAC Face&Body
MAC Face&Body freshly applied
MAC Face&Body after 10 minutes

with one "coat", it only evens out the skin tone a little and doesn't conceal any imperfections at all.  it feels very light and fresh then.
but you can layer it to a medium coverage with a second application. please make sure you leave the first layer dry down completely before you go on, so you'll get the best result without blotches. the second application helps with redness and uneven pigmentation, but you won't get dark scars or red pimples completely covered. most times i do 2 layers, i wouldn't recommend a third. also remember to put on only very thin layers, or it can feel thick and heavy on your skin.
i have only applied it with the BeautyBlender sponge so far and i like the finish. in the first layer it has a natural silky sheen to it, after the second "coat", the finish is more dewy and very even, enlarged pores get minimized very well.
after some time (maybe 1h) it gets fairly greasy and sticky on my face so i always need to set it with powder even though i find the "pure" finish very nice. i would also need a re-touch with powder about mid-day or at least i need to blot away my skin oils.
it's really transfer resistant and has a good staying power, although i can look greasy in the end of the day, coverage-wise it stays about the same. it doesn't slip off of my face or so ;) i think it's a good foundation for the summer, but more suited for people with normal skin rather than oily skin like mine.
it didn't irritate my skin or made me break out. because i get quite oily till the evening, i don't see any difficulties with removal. the natural oils help with the water resistant formula ;)
i have found a much better usage for this, though: it's fabulous to mix with other foundations! it sheers out thick formulas and makes slippery ones stay on much better.  powdery liquid foundations as a mixing partner help with the oil control.

one layer - two layers


  1. Ich habe auch seit kurzem eine Face and Body Foundation hier stehen, aber in white zum Aufhellen. Mag ich so nach gut 2 Wochen bisher ganz gerne, vor allem das Mischen macht irgendwie Spaß. Ich trage das ganze dann mit einem Pinsel auf.

  2. mh, mir gefällt eine schicht besser, sieht natürlicher aus :)

    mac ist aber nicht meine preisklasse, ich benutz zurzeit eine von maybelline, die mir sehr gut gefällt

  3. ooh ich finde du hast deckkraft eh nicht wirklich nötig :)

  4. Ich hab die Foundation seit Ewigkeiten zu Hause stehen und finde sie einfach nur furchtbar. Meine Haut ist dafür viel zu fettig und unrein, ich hätts vorher lieber probieren sollen...

  5. @lalaith: ist die weiße denn wirklich zum aufhellen geeignet? ist sie nicht zu sheer? also sowas brauch ich auch, denk ich.

    @hi guys ;D: ich finde auch dass es auf dem foto mit einer schicht schöner aussieht. in echt ist es leider nicht so, da stechen die rötungen mehr heraus :( aber im laufe des tages beruhigt sich meine haut auch mehr, sodass ich schon ganz zufrieden bin mit einer schicht.

    @lilith: danke!

    @trey: vllt solltest du sie zum abmischen mit matteren foundis probieren. da find ich sie ganz gut!


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