Mar 13, 2011

Guerlain Blush 4 Éclats #04 Rosée du Printemps

i already have another of these 4 Éclats Blusher and am very happy with it (#7 Caresse de l'Aube, review here), but as it was a peach/bronze shade, i still wanted a rosier one of these. so i opted for #4 Rosée du Printemps since some weeks, but it always was sold out at now it came in again and i ordered right away. it contains 9g and costs 44.95€.

it comes in the typical Guerlain compact that looks like a melting gold nugget to me, a organic floating shape, reflective and very prone to get fingermarks. but i try keep the compacts in their velvet pouches, so they don't get too scratchy and filthy.
there is also a nice mini blush brush integrated, the natural hairs are quite soft so that i could imagine using it on the go (but in fact i never take a blush with me when i go out, and if it's for a short trip/travel, i would bring some brushes with me).
the blush smells like Violets, Guerlain's signature scent for all powder products. it's very finely milled and contains 4 colour coordinated shades:
  • a light baby pink with fine white shimmers
  • a shimmery cream-white
  • a warm pink with gold pearl
  • a matte rose
mixed together it is a light pink with fine white pearl, really like "Dew of Spring" (what the french name means). it applies very evenly as a hint of a muted light pink with a satin sheen, i have a soft spot for light and subtle shades these days, preferably those with only minimal amounts of shimmer. i think this blush will make a great everyday-blusher, the colour is so light and soft that it can be easily applied in the early mornings and will look good in every combination. but i can see it being a great companion for dark and intense purple or brown smokey eye make ups.
the fine white shimmer is rather a pearl glow, so it flatters your skin very much, without emphasizing large pores or looking too matte.
this shade is quite light, so i don't know if it could look chalky or greyish on dark skin tones and if it will show up at all. but for medium and light skins, it is a great subtle shade that really has a sculpting effect.

Guerlain Rosée du Printemps: swatched clockwise starting with the upper left shade + mixed together (last swatch)

this is how it looks applied, no contour powder or anything else.

i would have liked to show you comparison swatches, but as i'm fairly new to the "light blushes"-field, i don't have blushes that look alike. or do you wish to see specific comparisons?

with this order, i also got a nail polish by Flormar as GWP (code: FLR266, your order value must be 39€+), it's the shade #412, a milk-chocolate brown with a cream finish. i compared it to Chanel Particulière and OPI Over the Taupe.
it has a thin round brush and a rather difficult consistency which makes it hard to get an even and smooth application.

Chanel Particulière  - Flormar #412 - OPI Over The Taupe

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