Mar 11, 2011

Catrice new range: Liquid Liner Waterproof "Don't Leave Me!"

not until i got to the cash point i noticed how expensive it was (3.75€, i thought it'd be something around 2€...).
the waterproof black liner "Don't Leave Me!" is a deep glossy black, that keeps some sheen even after drying. these liners have a rather stiff felt tip (like the L'Oreal Super Liner i'm currently using), i find the felt tips very easy to handle. you can draw very fine lines.

after setting
after intensive rubbing action

after it dried and set some minutes, i took a dry tissue paper and rubbed it: nothing happened. when i rubbed really hard, i lost some intensity, showing some microshimmers (?). also on the eye it didn't irritate me and i got a satisfying result without transfer & smudging. when i removed it with my wet cleansing wipes, i came off in small crumbs. so make sure to keep your eyes closed to not get those into your eyes.

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  1. oh yay :)

    looks like a replacement for my max factor waterprooved liner :D thanks for swatching


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