Mar 21, 2011

Essence new range: Gel Liners.

i bought 2 out of 3 different gel eyeliners that came out with the last selection adjustment from Essence. these contain 3ml and cost 2.95€.
they come in little glass jars, i don't like the cheapo print on the screw top. i was surprised how low they are filled... only a little blob in this pot.
as gel liners are fairly new to the drugstore range in germany, these created quite a big excitement in beautyland, especially because they're coming from the low-price sector.
i'm not a big fan of gel liners, i'm still in team liquid liner. but at an affordable price, i'm willing to try.

#02 London Baby
is a cool toned, dark brown with shimmers. a very promising shade, just like the one by Catrice that disappointed me some weeks ago. so i was rather hesitating to get this shade because i was afraid that they are just the same product in different packaging, as they are children from one mother (Cosnova).

and i was proven right. they're the same. only in different packaging. :/
they are the same colour, have the same shimmer, (i find the texture in Essence a bit thicker than with Catrice) and, to the knock out point: they behave the same way, id est the Essence one also gives me a big transfer problem :( 
i don't understand why this shade transfers so badly on me, while i almost have to rub my skin off after swatching it to get my arm clean again.
application on the lid is smooth and even although it looks a bit dry and blotchy in swatches.
if you want to see how this looks worn, you basically only have to take a look at my eye make up with the Catrice liner here.

left: Essence London Baby - right: Catrice It's Mambo Nr. 2
left: Essence London Baby - right: Catrice It's Mambo Nr. 2, after rubbed harshly with a paper tissue.

#03 Berlin Rocks

is a dark charcoal purple with a lot of shimmers, mainly pink. very nice colour, right up my alley. i like those dark colours with the shimmery twist. they are dark enough to give you quite a lot of definition, but still aren't as crisp as a black line. sometimes it's nice, for a softer look. but in other times (and in the right light condition) it's more exciting than black.
sadly i also experience some transfer issues with this one. it's not as bad as with the brown liner, but still there. it's also paradox that the transfer line is almost un-removable, it has a great staying power!
i don't intend to set these nicely shimmery gel liners with an eyeshadow. i wouldn't need a shimmery coloured liner if i'd do this.
but if i do a darkened crease in my eyeshadow, the transfer line is not as noticeable.
the texture of this is a bit thicker than of the brown one. both aren't really gel-like. also with this: application on the lid is much smoother and more even than the swatch photo implies.

Essence Berlin Rocks gel liner after some harsh rubbing with a cosmetic tissue.

here i'm wearing it in an eye make up:


  1. I'm very excited and wary at the same time about this product. I want to try gel liners as well, but at an affordable price.
    These seem to be getting mixed reviews, though.

  2. Oh.. what a dissappointment :/
    The two times I wore London Baby everything was good, though I am prone to transfer problems too. But then I was wearing black eyeshadow in the crease both days when I had it on..

    Love this eyemake-up, just like yesterday's vibrant fotd!


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