Mar 6, 2011

Flormar eyeshadow #14

the Flormar eyeshadow #14 has caught my eye through some blogger reviews - a shade right up my alley, medium light dirty gold with a twist of a pink sheen. Flormar is a turkish brand that has recently found it's way to Douglas. the line is very affordable like a cheaper drugstore brand, the combination with Douglas seems weird to me and i'd be much happier to see them at local drugstores.
the eyeshadow cost me 2.95€, and contains a great amount of 5g.
i picked it up with my last order, i plan on getting some more shades as extra products when i don't reach the free shipping level of 25€ with my order. but as the brand is fairly new (to me) it is a hit and miss, but thanks to some reviews i already knew #14 would be a good one.

the packaging is really cheap and i find the small mirror inside quite useless, but at least no sponge applicator. and for the price and the amount you get it's absolutely acceptable. the texture is good, soft,  fine and pigmented, the gold and pink shimmer is really special (not the flat white/silver shimmer you'd think of with those cheaper brands). 
as it's a light colour that i'd mostly wear alone, i don't notice anything bad about blendability with other colours.
but if i pack it on too heavily, it can give me a corpse like look as it's light and opaque shade with a greyish hint and the pink sheen (which warms up the colour) will be less visible. but using a coloured base underneath (a deeper gold, or a warm rose gold colour) and applying it sheerly on top, it will give a nice shimmery gold with a pink pearl (that it very hard to capture on photos :(  ).
i have no problem with the staying power, creasing or fading. it also didn't irritate my eyes.

i can totally recommend this eyeshadow if you like light goldy neutrals like me. but i'd suggest you getting this extra to your order like i did and not pay the delivery for this.

here i wore it on the lid and the lower lash line with a darker shade in the outer corner.

and of course i have compared it for you with some light sandy golds and some shades with pink pearl, but there's nothing very similar in my stash. maybe a hybrid between Urban Decay Ruthless and MAC Patina.

Urban Decay Ruthless - Addicted Cosmetics Sandstorm - Flormar #14 - MAC Patina - Artdeco #16 - Artdeco #208 - light side of NARS Kalahari
Urban Decay Ruthless - Addicted Cosmetics Sandstorm - Flormar #14 - MAC Patina - Artdeco #16 - Artdeco #208 - light side of NARS Kalahari


  1. 5g ist wirklich viel ^^ Hoffe mal, dass die Marke auch mal zu kommt, wäre sehr praktisch.

  2. Ooh I love your eyeshadow recommendations. ;) At least they're often recommendations to me, as I'll be sure to pick this shade up on my next trip to the city.

    .. I am lucky to have a Flormar counter in my local Douglas. After a brief look at the products & some blush swatching though I didn't pay much attention to it anymore, but this one sounds pretty fabulous.

    Have a good week! x

  3. schöne Farbe! Ich hatte bisher keine Lidschatten von flormar, vielleicht sollte ich mir die bei Douglas mal näher betrachten, danke für die Review

  4. absolute kaufempfehlung zu dem kleinen preis! ich finde solche farben sehr tragbar und vielseitig.

  5. kannst du mir vielleicht sagen wie groß das pfännchen ist?
    ich würde mir gerne ein paar lidschatten von flormar kaufen, aber dann depotten.
    dass sie größer als mac sind, sieht man, aber vielleicht sind sie ja so groß wie mac blushes...

  6. hi, hab grad gemessen: die flormar-pfännchen sind 3,6cm im durchmesser.

  7. I want this shade soooo much. Unfortunately there's just no place near me (or my friends) that sell FlorMar, nor can I find any webstore that would ship to me. >:


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