Mar 23, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #57 Aventure

"not another post about the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines!" you will think, but this is something that has to be done and that you have to go through, dear readers :P you can't stop me anyway ;)
yes, i was intrigued and i gave in, too, although i thought i wouldn't get sucked in from this new hype of sheer lipsticks. it's all your fault, beauty bloggers! why do you have to allure me with words like: "holy grail texture" or "amazing effect" and so on?
so i went to swatch them in store quickly, a glowy, spring-y bright pink/peach pout was on my mind. i swatched them in comparison with the new Dior Addict lipsticks, and those were sheerer on me. the infamous "Boy" looked a little bit too peachy on me that day, so i went home with my idea of getting "Aventure", but i wanted to search for some reviews/further swatches on the internet first. and then the "order"-button was clicked.

i got some nice samples, and with a 5€ off coupon code, i could save some money, too. these lipsticks normally cost 27.95€ at and contain 3g.

they come in a sleek classic Chanel black metal tube with the gold belt and the white logo on top, it's thinner thank the other lipsticks by Chanel which i own:

Rouge Coco - Rouge Coco Shine - Rouge Allure - Rouge Allure Lacque - Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss

Aventure is a sheer bubblegum pink with gold sparkles. although so sheer, it gives me a visible bright pink lip even though my lips are quite dark naturally. the texture is creamy and  light, but on the vaseline-like side and not watery and fresh. i can slightly feel the sparkles in this shade, it's not completely smooth.
the finish is shiny, it's not glossy, you can still see the texture of your lips, but it gives an overall beautiful shine. i don't find it very moisturising, though.
on the plus side i must say that i don't experience any problems with fast wearing off of it like i have read multiple times by now. i even get at least 2 hours of wear with it, eating, drinking and talking included, which is positively surprising for me.
also the scent that some have complained about i totally like. it has a light scent of exotic flowers to me. maybe a light jasmine note? and also notes of camellia, which would be only too logical for Chanel as it was the signature flower of Coco Chanel.

i noticed that i only tend to buy such shades from Chanel, shame on me! that must change, and so i will HAVE TO get another shade soon ;)

Chanel Rouge Coco Rose Dentelle  - Chanel Rouge Coco Chintz - Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Aventure - Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Imaginaire

what about you? will you get on the sheer lipstick-train this spring/summer? it's hard to resist, since MAC, Dior and Chanel all bring out new lipsticks like that...


  1. This looks so pretty on you! But for me it clearly doesn't work, it's too drying and I hate the smell.

  2. I bought "Boy" and "Bonheur". The shades are all really nice, but a lot look similar to me. But I love them :)

  3. it! Suits you so very well :-)

  4. thank you all!
    @musing on beauty: wow, for my part, i love the smell! but i heard many many voices say how soap-like and bad they find the scent.


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